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What types of receptions exist? A lunch - buffet, zhur - a fix, salty coffee.

Reception The Lunch - buffet . The Lunch - buffet it is carried out almost the same as buffet . Such rule takes place. Tables or as on the buffet table, or as on " are indoors laid; buffet a separate table with snack. There is a buffet with drinks. Guests gather snack on the plates and take the place behind little tables. Ate one dish, put correctly devices, as on buffet rose, go and impose to themselves on plates. This quite free movement and quite free coexistence. Because a lunch - buffet is less official, than any lunch or even buffet reception or " cocktail;. A dress code on a lunch - buffet usual, business. A daily suit for men, for women - a suit or a dress.

Reception zhur - a fix . What is zhur - a fix ? In translation from French - the fixed day. It is female reception. It was once observed by our nobility, so-called Thursdays or Fridays when accepted the acquaintances, girlfriends. Now this reception was resumed in many countries and in our country again.

For the announcement zhur - a fix it is necessary to dispatch invitation cards. It can be done one or two times in a year from January 1 to January 15 or from September 1 to September 15. In them report that, for example, in 2007, each last Friday of every month without the prevention, without preliminary calls the addressee invite on a visit.

This day the hostess has to be surely at home, lay a table, on a table there has to be a white cloth, tasty brewing tea and some sandwiches, candies, cookies, cream cakes, that is what is loved by women.

Zhur - a fix - this purely female action. It is arranged and invite to it only women. From here and the lifted problems and topics of conversation - generally purely female. Charm zhur - a fix in close communication, obtaining a certain information and in darlings female gossips . This type of receptions gained the greatest distribution in the middle of the last century. However presently zhur - a fix it is popular among wives of the high-ranking officials and diplomatic workers. Sometimes the hostess of reception is able to afford to break the developed tradition and to invite on zhur - a fix several men.

Reception Salty " coffee; . This reception appeared rather recently. It was offered by French and on the organization very simple.

Conditions are that. If you invite to yourself guests to salty coffee, then it is necessary to warn: You Come, I wait for you. I have a reception salty " coffee;. What does it mean?

The table set by a cloth the ware, devices and different food is exposed. There can be a hot appetizer, potato boiled in a flat dish under a cover, pickles, sausage, ham, different types of fish and even sweet and fruit. Nearby on a coffee table or on this big table it is possible to put a samovar, a thermos for coffee. It is necessary to make a stock of pure ware.

This reception, in our opinion, the simply and democratic. It is usually arranged from 16. 00 to 19. 00 also carry out in a free manner.

Considering that the set of the given dishes is very various, respectively serve various alcoholic drinks. Let`s stop on the most solemn types of reception now.

It is lunch which begins at 20 o`clock in the evening or in 20. 30, dinner which begins at 21 o`clock or 21. 30. Duration of these receptions - 3 - 3,5 hours. They are arranged surely at high-class restaurant or in very beautiful cafe. These are receptions of a high rank, it is obligatory with inundated seating at a table and service of the waiter. A dress code - only evening. Men have to be obligatory in dark suits, women - it is obligatory in evening dresses. Men have to have obligatory a white shirt and a bright tie.

So, we see that all types of receptions do not do without various type of alcoholic drinks. In this regard it would be desirable to stop in more detail on rules of their giving.

We will begin with aperitif. What is aperitif? In translation from French - the tempting appetite. Besides, aperitif gives the chance to wait for the late guests, to acquaint the audience among themselves if they are not familiar, and in easy conversation to spend time to the official invitation to a table. That is sense of aperitif is as follows: to stimulate appetite, to occupy guests, but not to get drunk at all. On aperitif it is necessary to serve either soft drinks, or dry wine with a strength up to 16 degrees. It is possible to give hard liquors, but they have to be always diluted: whisky - soda, gin - tonic, martini - juice and ice in the most usable proportion 1 to 2.

Alcoholic drinks give to a table depending on the ordered dishes. There are general rules of drinking of alcoholic drinks. So, it is always necessary to begin with drinks of weaker aperitif) and to finish with stronger, then the person does not get drunk. Champagne is served before a dessert (to them begin a celebration only in New year, at a wedding or solemn anniversary). Cognac, liqueur, rum give to a thicket to ice cream, tea, coffee, fruit.

Cooled drink: vodka, sparkling, white wine. Over the years there were certain customs: vodka have not a snack on sweet, champagne - salty. To meat dishes, cheese serve red wine, to fish and light meat (for example, chicken) - white. Sweet wines give only to a dessert. The drink is stronger - the less shot glass, an exception make the liqueurs served in special, small liqueur shot glasses. Cognac is given to a thicket to tea, coffee, fruit.

I hope, now you will precisely know what to do if you were invited on salty " coffee; or zhur - a fix how to behave for buffet and how to organize reception glass of " wine;.]