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What types of receptions exist? Buffet reception and cocktail.

we Will talk about reception And - la a buffet reception . Why it so is called? The buffet reception - the word French, la fourchette - a fork, reception is called in her honor. And - la a buffet reception duration - is arranged two hours at five o`clock in the evening. As a last resort from six till eight in the evening. If the dress code is not specified on the invitation, then it is possible to come in a business suit.

On buffet reception it is possible to come at any time. Of course, under the end - it is inconvenient, but with small delay it is possible. There is a convention in the international practice - the chief comes with small delay, the subordinate arrives on time. The chief leaves a little earlier, the subordinate leaves in time. It is connected with placement and giving of cars.

When arrange buffet reception owners have to welcome all guests about a door. And as guests come sometimes with considerable delay, actually owners do not depart from a door, but so happens very seldom, only on reception in embassy. If arrange buffet reception in establishment, that some time owners buffet reception stand at a door, welcome guests, but approximately in the middle buffet reception after there passed hour, they join the guests.

Buffet reception passes standing. In the middle of the room or on one of walls the table is laid by a white cloth (the cloth does not reach a floor of 5 centimeters). In end faces of a table there can be a ware - two - three piles of plates and devices. For example, a pile from 10 plates, on the right side from which knives, from left - a fork lie. Forks are put on an edge, and they lie one after another - 10 pieces. Nearby - again it is resistant from 10 plates, 10 knives, 10 forks. On the right from ware bottles are konusoobrazno located. At first put bottles, behind them at the end - glasses, starting with the highest and finishing with the smallest - for vodka, for strong alcohol. Further on a table put plates with ham, sausage, small rozetochka with salad, various vegetables etc. Then there can be pure plates, alcohol and again food again.

And there can be also other option. On one table - only food, on other table spread ware and devices, and waiters give alcohol in a rating that is go on the hall and suggest attendees to take glasses with drinks.

Both that, and another options can be the main. Let`s consider the first option. As the guest who received the invitation on " behaves; buffet reception . He enters the hall, greets owners, looks round and if he saw someone from acquaintances, exchanges bows, of course, then approaches a table, takes a plate and a fork, goes to that table edge where the different snack is spread out. It fills with those devices which are in plates with snack the plate. Food it is necessary to put not really much. Why? It is necessary to remember that with the same plate it is necessary to approach that place where the alcohol spreads, to pour to itself a shot glass, and it needs to be put on a plate too. Thus, we hold a plate with food and a fork (the fork lies on a plate) and a shot glass in the left hand. On buffet reception come not to have supper. Buffet reception will organize for acquaintance of representatives of different firms, celebration of solemn dates, the presentations, but it is not a dinner.

On buffet reception it is necessary to eat slowly if you met someone from acquaintances, it is possible even to clink glasses, say unofficial toasts, especially in Russia it is accepted to clink glasses, it is a special symbol, a ceremony. In other countries, by the way, do not clink glasses. How it is correct to clink glasses? It is necessary to lift the shot glass so that edges of a wine glass or a shot glass were at the level of the partner`s eyes, it is obligatory for it to look in the face. If the man clinks glasses with the lady, then he a little bit lowers the shot glass down. If the man clinks glasses with equal, then edges of shot glasses - at one level if the man clinks glasses with the chief or with the kingpin, then it is necessary to lower a little too a little bit a shot glass down. Clinked glasses, drank, delivered a shot glass to themselves on a plateau, we hold with the left hand a terelka, the right hand we take a fork and we begin to eat, and our shot glass costs on a plate. Have a snack, turned the head and saw very good friend, the colleague, the person whom you would like to approach. How to make it? It is necessary to take a shot glass in the right hand, in left you have plate with a fork and food and to approach this person. Then to put a shot glass back on a plate, having released thereby the right hand and to greet that whom you approached.

On buffet reception toasts are said, but not from the very beginning, and somewhere in the middle or even closer to the end of reception. Generally the owner " speaks; buffet reception and a reciprocal toast - the head of delegation or the guest of honor.

Everything is rather simple. Difficulties appear when bring hot which is not always given, by the way. Let`s say brought beefsteaks on a dish where there is French fries, a pickles, green peas, and before this dish two devices - a spoon and a fork lie. A fork and a spoon - convex part on a cloth.

How the guest has to arrive? It puts the plate with leftovers, a shot glass and a fork to the special place where there is all dirty ware. It can be a tray or a table, the cart which is taken out by the waiter especially for dirty ware. Having put the used ware, the guest approaches anew a table, takes a pure plate, a fork and a knife and approaches beefsteaks. Sees that here the spoon and a fork lie. How it is necessary to arrive? It is necessary to take a fork and concave part to put it in a spoon. Then we take both devices enclosed one in another in the right hand. Then big and index fingers we overturn a fork convex part up. The forefinger appears between the handle of a spoon and a fork, and the thumb holds a fork. Peculiar nippers which it is very convenient to shift a beefsteak with a garnish from the general dish to the plate turn out as if. After that devices which used it is necessary to return into place. If the big piece of a beefsteak got, it needs to be cut. It can be made, having found an empty seat on a table. The used knife needs to be put in dirty ware in the allocated place. Further with a plateau in the left hand the guest approaches a table, pours to himself in a pure shot glass already other alcohol (to meat - red wine, there can be also more hard liquors). Again puts a shot glass on a plate and comes back to the initial situation, that is it has in the left hand a plate and a shot glass. The right hand is free. The right hand drink drinks, puts on a plate, the right hand takes a fork and begins to eat. As it is correct to behave on buffet reception ?

It is necessary to remember that buffet reception not a dinner. Of course, it is necessary both to have a bite and to drink, but it is necessary to put food not really much that it did not look ugly.

Reception like " cocktail; . Reception " cocktail; it is very similar on the organization to reception buffet reception . " Cocktail; will organize from five o`clock in the evening to seven, duration - two hours. Same conditions. On " cocktail; come in business clothes. Also the chief with lateness comes, the subordinate arrives on time, the chief a little earlier, the subordinate - in time leaves. The same that on buffet reception . But with a small difference: on buffet reception more snack, on " moves; " cocktail; - it is more than drinks and hot almost never moves.]