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Why it is necessary to practice yoga?

of Hatkh - the yogi exist about 3 thousand years, during this time about its advantages kilometers of various literature are written, thousands of legends are put, the huge number of scientific experiments is put. Let`s stop only on the main advantages which are got by engaged.

Hatkh - the yogi is a way to health as yogichesky exercises restore the correct structure of a backbone , have the regulating effect on endocrine system, normalize action blood, digestive, respiratory and other systems of an organism. It is possible to explain salutary action of yoga with the fact that asanas (provisions of a body) and pranayama (breathing exercises) carry out consecutive massage of all body organs, train not only large, but also small groups of muscles, make salutary impact on each part of the body.

Hatkh - the yogi is a way to permission emotional problems, to creation of joyful, light attitude. The mechanism of such change consists in removal of the so-called muscular armor which is holding down a body of the person.

The German psychologist W. Raich established that while the person gets any psychological trauma, the emotional pressure remains in memory of a body in the form of muscular clips. Gradually the quantity of clips grows, and the person is chained in an armor not until the end of the resolved psychological conflicts. The muscular armor conducts to the fact that the person all life carries with itself former shocks, fears and experiences, so, his perception of the world as fine and perfect creation is substantially complicated. Asanas and pranayama destroy a muscular armor and prevent formation of new clips. The person exempted from a muscular armor is capable to test full-fledged pleasure from existence, pleasure of the child, Saint and brightened up.

the Hut - the yoga leads to essential increase of mental abilities the person. Yogichesky practice, especially if practicing is young, helps to establish the correct mezhpolusharny cooperation of a brain, forms integrity and interrelation of all mental processes, influences spatial thinking, teaches creative, flexible approach to any objective; quality and volume of attention increases.

Hatkh - the yogi gives beauty , increases appeal of the person. Practicing receive not only a beautiful bearing and a slender body, but also learn to move gracefully, creating thereby an aura of appeal and charm, gaining people around.

Hatkh - the yogi persistence , assiduity develops such traits of character as will power, that is very actual in the modern world abounding with loadings.

In Hatkh - the yogi the big set of the exercises directed to a relaxation, removal of a stress exists and tension which is saved up in a day, as a result improves qualities of a dream, the person comes into excellent health and a vigorous fortune throughout the day, ability to resist to big loadings, than earlier.

Hatkh`s use - yogis is not limited to age, and the technicians solving the problems characteristic of this age are developed for every period of life.

Generalizing all aforesaid, one may say, that Hatkh - the yogi is the unique system solving pressing problems of mankind, leading to development and harmonization of all aspects of human mentality and a body. Methods which solve problems are simple, fascinating and available practically to everyone. Growth of interest in Hatkha - the yogi is explained by it worldwide.]