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How to choose the mobile phone for the school student?

Today we will try to solve not absolutely simple problem, namely, to deal with the question - school student and » cell phone;. This problem is particularly acute very much and has no unambiguous decision. Each parent has to weigh everything for and against before presenting to the school student the cell phone. So, we should describe all pluses and minuses of the cell phone for the school student.

We will begin with minuses. On the first place we will put safety of the child. We live in such country where theft and a robbery became the ordinary phenomenon. Tubes steal in the subway, take away them on the street or take control of them in the roguish way. Unfortunately, children become the main objects for commission of offenses. At the same time health of the child appears in direct danger as robbers do not disdain to resort to hooligan actions. Therefore every time when your child gets the cell phone from a pocket, he or she endangers himself.

On the second place we will place danger of the cell phone as the device radiating electromagnetic waves of high frequency. We will be extremely honest - serious researches in this area were not conducted and if measured something, then results did not publish. But with all confidence it is possible to tell that an organism, especially young which has all life ahead it is necessary to irradiate on a minimum.

We give the third place to the fact that the tube steals the childhood of your child. What does it mean? And the fact that the child begins to find more than the precious naive carefree time for the cell phone. First of all, it leaves on games which literally destroy everything free minutes of the kid. If phone has an opportunity to load additional applications, then the situation is aggravated.

And now let`s talk about pluses of the cellular device. First of all, the dream of all parents to hear a voice of the child at any moment comes true. Your nervous system can be quiet when the child is late at training or at school, and you can learn it from him. Besides, it is worth noticing that if something happens to the child, and he will need your help, then he will be able always to call you. It is simply impossible to underestimate it. Cell phones are equipped with the calculator, hours and an alarm clock which are so important for the child. These functions will help the kid to enter the world of adults. The alarm clock put on the favourite mobile phone will not allow to oversleep school. In a word, pluses turn out not so much, but they capacious and important.

And now - about phones.

Weight category younger school . Phone has to be strong, small and inexpensive. It makes sense to look on acquaintances who periodically change phones. They can have checked phones in a good shape. From models Nokia 1112 &ndash will approach; most oak the mobile phone in a segment, phone has strong forms - a factor a monoblock. Motorola C257 - school students of younger school very much love creations of the American company Motorola for bright design and loud polyphony. Sony Ericsson J100i - phone, worthy names Amusing Kid . Such device will not be a burdensome burden even for the first grader.

Weight category high school . Now it is more difficult to choose for them the mobile phone. The child is more senior, the it is more than his requirement. Therefore at the choice of a tube for high school we will be guided only by common sense. It means that the tube should not be the road, has to remain reliable and the device has to have several interesting opportunities. So, Nokia 2610 - this phone can become the reliable and inexpensive companion of your child. Nokia 6070 - phone is designed for those who in principle are not under strained circumstances and ready to buy to the child decent phone with an interesting set of functions. Samsung of SGH - X481 - it will be pleasant to girls, it is very simple, but lovely folding bed.

Weight category high school . At this age the mobile phone becomes a worship subject. The majority of expensive novelties of the market is calculated on this age. Seniors by hook or by crook beat out the most abrupt devices from the parents. The most rational decision - to suggest the child most to earn money for phone. And if it at it turns out - that let also chooses model. Softer decision - to pay in addition 50 percent of cost. Here again to solve to you.

So, all of you decided to buy to the child the cell phone. Find time to tell it about that as well as where he can use it. The culture of the handling of the mobile phone has to go from a family. If your son sees that even you sit down to a dining table with the mobile phone and safely interrupt a meal for acceptance of a call, then to demand from the child of other behavior silly. Pay attention to how you speak by the cell phone, in most cases your adolescent will copy completely your behavior.

When using phone it is important to explain at once, how much is minute of conversation, how much is the SMS that it is not necessary to call by the advertized telephones and to order pictures and melodies. In common determine the sum what you are able to spend for cellular communication of the child. It is the best of all to choose a debit tariff, and under no circumstances not to exceed the stipulated sum. Money &ndash ended; you go without phone. The tariff with a possibility of reception of the entering calls at zero balance will be an ideal.

And now - the choice for you!