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What desserts to prepare for Halloween?

Halloween - a world famous holiday with rich history. He is famous for peculiar traditions, including, recipes of preparation of a set of dishes. The first and second courses can be cooked from pumpkin and apples, and desserts - in every possible way to decorate, the main thing this day - to use gifts of a new harvest and of course, to create the atmosphere of mystery. Today we will tell about what desserts can be prepared for Halloween to give joy to itself and the relatives.

1. Sweet web


Preparation. Butter slightly warm

, and shake up together with sugar before receiving homogeneous mass. Add to it flour, egg and a dried peel. Knead dough. On the baking sheet lined with foil, by means of the confectionery syringe with a round opening squeeze out dough as if you draw a web. It is necessary to bake at a temperature of 190 C of 8 minutes, before emergence of a crust light-golden color. For decoration of a dessert it is possible to make spiders from the kindled chocolate or caramel and to put them on ready web .

2. Teeth of a giant


of 150 g of a glass of butter,

2 eggs,

of 250 g of flour,

of 200 g of sugar,

½ h l. salts,

1 of h l. soda,

1 bag of vanillin,

red and yellow food dyes.

Preparation. the Kindled oil to mix

with eggs, sugar, vanillin, salt and to shake up a nimbus. To add the flour and soda extinguished by vinegar or lemon juice to the received weight. Further knead dough and divide it into 3 parts. Postpone one part, to another add yellow food dye, and to the third - red dye. At desire it is possible to mix red and yellow dyes, then orange color will turn out. Then it is necessary to knead dough some more minutes, then to wrap each part in a plastic bag and to keep in the refrigerator 2 - 3 hours. After that give to each part of the test the form oblong sausages also roll in in flour. Spread out everything on a wax paper so that the unpainted strip, in the middle - red from above lay, and below - yellow. Cover all three parts of the test with one more leaf of a wax paper. Roll strips that they slightly stuck together and turned out pieces about 3 cm thick. Further it is necessary to cut out from the test of a treugolnichka - teeth of a giant . To bake at a temperature of 190 C on the baking sheet of 4 - 5 minutes greased with butter and powdered with flour.

3. Haunted house


2,5 glasses of flour,

1 of h l. baking powder,

1/4 of h l. salts,

1 glass of the softened butter,

1 glass of sugar,

2 eggs,

1 of h l. vanilla extract,

multi-colored round lollipops.


Warm an oven to 190 C. Cover a leaf for pastries with a foil. Put part of lollipops in a dense plastic package, close and beat from above the hammer or a rolling pin to break lollipops in a small crumb.

In a bowl connect flour, baking powder, salt. In other bowl shake up the mixer (at an average speed) oil with sugar to uniformity, hammer into the mass of egg and add vanillin. Add flour to oil, carefully mix, knead dough. Put dough in the refrigerator for 30 minutes, having wrapped it in a film.

On the working surface which is slightly powdered with flour lay out dough, roll it in layer 0,6 mm thick. Cut out on a template of a figure of such form, as in drawing.

Put preparations on a leaf. Sharp knife cut out in preparations of a door and window now. Put in an oven, bake till golden color, about 20 minutes. Take out preparations, in windows fill a multi-colored candy crumb and again put in an oven before fusion of lollipops, approximately for 2 minutes. Ready lodges decorate

with multi-colored cream, glaze, lollipops, muesli.

Note: If to show the imagination, then at possession of a sufficient stock of time it is possible to create the whole town for ghosts.

4. Apple witches

Ingredients :


wafer cones for ice cream,

lemon juice,


sweet topping.


it is accurate to b to cut out

on eye apple, a nose and a mouth. That apple did not darken, grease it with lemon juice. Kindle chocolate and cover with it wafer tubules, and from above decorate with color topping and let`s dry. Turned out " hat; put on apple. Under " hat; to attach hair made of coconut flakes or a dry breakfast.

Tasty to you holiday!