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In what feature of FIFA Manager 08?

of Feature of FIFA Manager 08

Easy adaptation

the Central screen of the help and numerous hints will help the player will accustom to FIFA Manager 08 literally in several minutes. Purpose of buttons to toolbars becomes clear at guidance of the mouse cursor on them! Choose 5 of 20 points that further to you reminders on the major events came.

Even more competitions

In game will appear even more leagues, players, various competitions (for example, the Cup of Confederations, the World Cup of FIFA U - 20, and also is a lot of other international championships). Besides, there was a new huge database which will generate more than 75. 000 various options, the expirations of events in this or that league! The editor possessing a set of opportunities is applied to game.

The new editor of stadiums the editor of stadiums, Simplest in development, is similar

on designer with more than 400 elements allowing the player most to create ultramodern stadium - your imagination is limited to nothing, and you will be able to create stadium to the dream of all in a couple of minutes.

Realistic the skauting

For the first time in the history of games of the FIFA Manager series the player will be able to be engaged in a skauting. He will look through reports on the player of other club (detailed, superficial, fact-finding). Agents will help you with your work, thus, the transfer market will become more realistic in game.

The management of team

Dialogue with players in FIFA Manager 08 now one of the most important aspects of game, with its help you will be able to adjust players on tomorrow`s game ( Tomorrow prepare - you will play! ) or to prepare for final games at the end of a season ( I will make of you the player who will play in the championship final! ) . But be careful - if do not keep this promise, then the motivation of players will sharply fall, and your own reputation will suffer. Besides, players of the rival can resist to you when you ask the players to play for time; the choice of numbers on t-shirts, the captain, penaltists.

The transfer market

Now you will be able easily to rent own players to other clubs, to sign long-term contracts and to use such option as Last word during signing. All these and other improvements (25 pieces) will introduce even more realness in game.

New permission the Screen is optimized by

under permission 1280x1024 that considerably will improve a type of game (other permissions are also supported).


of FIFA MANAGER 08 offers you completely updated system of trainings, and also the tool of the analysis of trainings of players. Monitor development of each player weekly, use modern methods to make a personal calendar of trainings for each player! Choose and practice various game elements for 3D - a match and be sure that your team is ready to a meeting with the following opponent.


In FIFA Manager 08 us wait before again - and after match interviews, various for a press - conferences. Feel in the center of attention, you - one of the best managers of the planet!

3D - matches

High resolution, the detailed textures, attractive stadiums, the improved visualization of abilities of players, new system of passes - all this will make 3D - a match even better.


the New tool of various series analyzes the game world and looks for various interesting events: whether it be the team which won on a penalty the 10th time in a row, or the player who hammered seven balls in several matches in a row. In total in FIFA Manager 08 more than 150 various types of series will be realized.

New opportunities

In FIFA Manager 08 appeared new opportunities: fashions of simulation (you will be able to prosimulirovat 20 seasons literally for one evening), construction of a scout camp worldwide (just choose the country, the exact place and construct there camp), the hall of Glory of the best players, 24 - the hour timer before closing of a transfer window, training matches between amateur team and youth, 20 personal awards for the manager (for example, the Gold key from city doors) and a set others of opportunities.

Season history

In FIFA Manager 08 the set of new statistical data on the passing season - from a world rating of FIFA/Coca - Cola before changes in the table of league appeared; from the best young players to the analysis of preparation of clubs by the future season. The new system of statistics will allow you to compare the best European championships at any time.

Extra Time in FIFA Manager 08

All opportunities of FIFA Manager 07: Extra Time are included in FIFA Manager 08.]