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Whether economic growth is desirable? Economists usually do not call

in question that economic growth - the phenomenon desirable. Whether so it?

Point of view of opponents of growth.

Opponents of growth claim that industrialization and economic growth lead to environmental pollution, global warming, exhaustion of an ozone layer and emergence of other environmental problems. These adverse side effects are explained by the fact that the raw materials consumed in the course of production come back to environment in the form of waste over time.

The growth rates of economy and a standard of living are higher, the environment has to absorb more waste (or to try to absorb). In the society which already reached welfare, further growth usually means satisfaction of more and more small requirements at the price of strengthening of threat of Earth to ecological system.

Besides, according to opponents of growth, there are practically no bases to consider that economic growth helps to solve social problems, such as poverty, homelessness, discrimination. If to speak about poverty, then they consider what in the countries of the West is a problem of distribution, and not productions at all. For its decision political courage and determination to be engaged in redistribution of wealth and the income, and at all not increase in production are required.

Opponents of growth consider also that though growth, perhaps, and allows us it is better to live it does not provide good life . May be that, make more and more, we will receive from it less pleasure. Invariable satellites of economic growth - the assembly conveyor, sudorific system of work, alienation of workers from decision-making on which their life anyway depends.

The improvement of technology which is the cornerstone of economic growth bears the worker concern and uncertainty in tomorrow. Both highly skilled, and unskilled workers equally face threat that the skills acquired by them at the price of big efforts and professional experience will become outdated under the pressure of technical progress. The economy of high growth rates is an economy of the severe stresses capable to cause damage to our physical and sincere health.

Point of view of supporters of growth.

the Foremost argument in favor of economic growth consists that it opens for us a way to material abundance and higher standard of living. Increase in output and the income gives us:

there is more education,

is more than free time and opportunity to travel,

is more than medical services,

more perfect communication system,

more qualified individual and professional services,

is more than products of the best quality and design.

It also means more art, music, poetry and theater. And even, perhaps, - there is more time and the resources devoted to the spiritual growth and development of the personality.

What point of view is closer to you - choose, and I need to wish all success and a positive!]