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Pastel - art for the elite?

It is very harmful - not to go on a ball if you deserve it!.

the Subtlety and grace of equipment of a pastel in combination with unusual sonority of paints and richness of the invoice involved the most talented and eminent masters at all times. In Russia it is A. Venetsianov, O. Kiprensky, I. Kramskoy, I. Levitan, V. Serov, B. Kustodiyev, V. Borisov - Musatov, M. Vrubel N. Roerich, M. Chyurlyonis. Abroad - Eugene Delacroix, Pierre August Renoir, Edgar Degas

And still it were only separate works in which unique advantages of a pastel were slightly opened only partly, far not fully The pastel was often used for sketches, sketches - and, first of all, the myth about fragility and fragility of a pastel was the reason for that. Severe revolutionary times and moods too did not promote development of so gentle and aristocratic art at all. On a ball oil painting, and the hardworking charming Cinderella reigned - the Pastel executed the graceful dance on a forest clearing where only birds and clouds could see it

at this time However history of art confirms that the pastel is not subject to a decay of time. It consists of that mineral pigment which is a fundamental principle of all known natural paints. The pastel does not burn out on the sun, does not darken and does not burst, is not afraid of temperature differences. Perhaps, its only shortcoming - does not suffer touches (on a canvas or paper it not stiffens and continues to live ). Therefore pastel works demand storage under glass - but it is such small victim when you Love

And still a pastel - painting for the Elite both artists, and the audience. Why?

Its magic potayenno and for many is unusual; it is comprehended not by reason, but soul any more. The pastel is intimate and gentle - not incidentally our use included the phrase pastel tone If the artist works in a pastel carelessly, all its advantages die Oil paints allow to rewrite, clean off, impose a set of layers repeatedly; the pastel demands accuracy, intuitive intuition in relation to the chosen color because later it is impossible to change it already most often: pure, that well-known flickering pastel tone such is only at primitive drawing.

At the same time the pastel allows to mix and impose colors wonderfully. The best pastels which it happened to see is a set of paint layers; pure, but translucent through From here - velvet and depth which steadily attracts. And it - in combination with its surprising a luminescence, illusoriness, fabulousness This impression of silent dawn when we do not see a solar disk yet, but everything is already filled with magic shine around.

The pastel has more than one thousand six hundred fifty shades. It and really and a grafichna, is also very picturesque! In a pastel the line and color connect: it it is possible to draw and write, work with shading, a picturesque spot, a dry or wet brush. Feature of a pastel is that at a minimum binding the painting weight represents separate particles of a pigment, being reflected from which light is scattered in different directions, giving to a paint layer the special radiance, velvet specific pastel softness.

One more small secret for profane persons

Work in equipment of a pastel assumes shading of a pigment or driving in it in a basis - so that several strokes or the spots put with a row connected and played in the color, without mixing up completely. Best of all it is reached by finger-tips - any other material and the tool with them is not comparable You saw sometime in an art studio the used-up working brushes? And now present work of sensitive small pillows of fingers on rough, impressive paper or even to an abrasive layer which we use almost always because it holds a pigment better And all - - proximity of the artist to the creation, them soprikasayemost reports depth and a subtlety to

occurring These works, certainly, demand very good lighting - then the infinity of shades, game of the translucent multiple layers is shown Best of all - the daylight but - disseminated, falling on a tangent At different lighting the picture will make absolutely different impression. New beam or other point of view - and you will see new paints and details. It attracts and bewitches At worthy lighting the pastel comes to life as the young girl in the spring who dumped heavy winter clothes, warmed by the sun and hope, silent expectation of a holiday.

Yes, the Pastel demands Love to itself, but it also returns it Grant

, can appreciate a pastel too not everyone Fortunately, the people presented with a raw sensation and excellent art taste do not want to lose pleasure to behold silent shine of the Pastel and its magic charm!. Besides, new manufacturing techniques of pastel paints, tinted papers and abrasive canvases, a modern fringing of unique graphics prepared base for new blossoming and a wide circulation of art of a pastel both among artists, and among fans of painting.

So, the Pastel begins the first issues Still shy, timid, something lost from - for the periods of long oblivion;

so far underestimated and not begun to shine all possible beauty But about it already speak as about the beautiful captivating stranger submitting the most experienced souls!. The pastel becomes fashionable not only in Europe, but also at us in Russia. There is an intriguing opinion of authoritative art critics: soon the birth of new masterpieces should be expected in this picturesque equipment!

The pastel waits for the viewer - the Contemplator capable to look long, deep into; to go to a picture and to travel around it She will present it heat, light and rest Polet`s feeling Taste to Life and Inspiration ]