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What cat breed corresponds to your way of life?

you were going to get a cat but cannot be defined what breed to choose &

Lifestyle of future owner of a cat has crucial importance for a right choice of breed of his pet. The people spending much time houses have an opportunity much more time and attention to give to cats, than the carrying-out full day at office business people. To the owner of a cat, freely having time, it is simpler to contain such requiring active communication and attention of the owner of breed as Siamese, Burmese and Abyssinian.

Long-haired cats, similar to Persian, do not demand such active communication as cats of east group, but they need the regular careful combing of wool taking a lot of time. For the busy person providing such permanent care of a long-haired cat can be physically impossible.

The family with small children will be approached such patient dragging on hands and to various games of breed as British short-haired and a Scottish Fold or the Abyssinian loving games. In an environment of such noisy company the Persian cat, on the contrary, will constantly hide in a far corner, escaping from games of children.

In general short-haired cat breeds more sociable, than long-haired, and find contact with children easier. The long wool which is awkwardly clamped or pulled by a hand can hurt a cat that often is the cause of conflict between a cat and the child.

To the working person who lives one, most likely will approach the cat requiring the minimum attention and leaving. Such cat has to be capable to entertain herself in the afternoon during absence of the owner, without being depressed or a stress from loneliness. In this case it is possible to recommend to get Russian blue or British short-haired which will meet the late owner with invariable love and tenderness.

So we will sum up some results:

to for families with small children most of all will be suitable breeds: Abyssinian, British short-haired, Burmese, Burma, Exotic short-haired, Japanese Bobtail, Scottish lop-eared, Sphinx.

For the quiet families and lonely people who are staying at home : Abyssinian, Balineziysky, Burmese, Burma, Devon Rex, Norwegian Forest, Persian, Siamese.

For the lonely people who are carrying out day at work : The British short-haired, Bombay, Egyptian Mau, Exotic short-haired, Meyn - kuna, the Russian blue, Scottish lop-eared.

Be honest with themselves in an assessment of the way of life and you have excellent chances to finish your searches by a good choice of your remarkable kitten. ]