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Why 2/3 American money address out of the country?

use Them in Russia, Argentina, Brazil, Poland, Vietnam, China and even in Cuba. They are the American dollars. Along with jeans, computer programs and video movies the dollar became one of the largest articles American export . Billions of American dollars circulate now outside the USA. In Russia (on hands at citizens) more than 30 billion a dale accumulated. cash, 5 - 7 billion more dale. freely address in Argentina. By estimates of the Polish government, 5 billion a dale are in money turnover of Poland.

The American currency leaves the territory of the USA when Americans buy import goods, travel all over the world or send money to the relatives living abroad. It is favorable to the United States that the American dollar remained in other countries. To print 1 dale. costs the government only 4 cents. And to the foreigner to get this dollar, it is necessary to sell to America resources, goods or services worth 1 a dale. These benefits also make a prize for Americans. Besides if the dollar left abroad and remained there, then it will not apply for the American resources, goods or services any more.

Actually on each dollar Americans earn 96 cents (= 1 dale. a prize in the form of resources, goods or services minus 4 cents of costs of printing). It is very similar to how American Express sells traveler`s checks which will never be turned into cash.

Undoubtedly, some demand for the American cash abroad create black market and other types of illegal activity. The dollar is an uncrowned king of illegal trade in diamonds, the weapon and the piracy software. Billions of cash dollars are involved also in drug traffic. But similar illegal use of dollars makes insignificant part of their turn. The fact that in the different countries the huge mass of dollars accumulated reflects only universal aspiration to monetary stability.

Proceeding from former experience, foreign citizens believe in relative stability of purchasing power of dollar and in the future.

In Argentina a fixed rate of peso is directly attached to dollar, and the central bank of this country releases new peso only when go dollars, gold or convertible resources into its disposal. As a result Argentina managed to achieve essential delay of rates of inflation. In Russia and the new independent states of Eastern Europe there was a catastrophic decrease in purchasing power of national currencies, and the dollar fully kept the purchasing power. Therefore many workers in Russia demand payment of the work at least partially in dollars.

In Brazil where annual rates of inflation exceed 1000%, people in the aspiration rely stability on dollar for a long time. In the trade districts of Beijing and Shanghai Chinese exchange for a dale. the national goods. In Bolivia a half of all bank accounts is managed in dollars. In Vietnam in the magnificent color blossoms dollar economy and even in Cuba use of the American currency is partly legalized! And in Panama (Panama balboa) and Liberia (Liberian dollar) dollar it is recognized as official currency.

The United States risk a little, satisfying the international demand for dollars. If suddenly once all dollars return to the USA at once, the volume of money supply in the country will excessively increase, and it can cause demand inflation. However the probability of such turn of events is very small.

Anyway, world green plays very useful economic role. It serves as a well-tried remedy of the address, a measure of value and means allowing to perform operations which without it would be simply impracticable. Thanks to possession of dollars foreign buyers and sellers manage to overcome specific monetary problems. As a result production grows in these countries and consequently, the output and the income around the world increases.

And even a little reeled authority of the American dollar today, nevertheless did not throw off it from the having command positions in the payment service and other providers connected with money turnover.

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