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What your concept of success?

Success - concept of society. Achieving success, we appear at higher social step, being owners of money, the authorities, glories, recognitions, honor, respect and to that similar.

The look of the person which has something from above listed and is identical to own success is always directed up. He does not see what has, he sees only what did not reach yet, and is stimulated with it always to rise up a social ladder. Ahead to it the people standing socially above see each other, but he is surely consoled what many cost below it. All this is manifestation of ambitions human I with its infinite competitive spirit and absence of understanding of own life such as is.

Perhaps, we did not occupy a certain social step, but this life - ours. Acceptance and its understanding are necessary for us in order that we could become by itself, find lives and disclose the uniqueness. But it is not value for a human ego - it quotes success.

The success immediately lifts other person in our eyes, exaggerating all his advantages as if magnifying glass. Therefore the one who costs below on a social step is always injured psychologically by the fact that other person has what he does not have. It is always pricked with it that serves it as incentive for the development of ambition and ambitions directed to expansion of the opportunities in society and allowing to rise and rise up. On the earth - six billion people. What would be if all of them rose by top?

In the nature everything is reasonable. Variety of trees, leaves, flowers, animals, birds extremely. Any leaf, any flower does not repeat. And beauty of human life also in its variety. But, wishing to be others, not those whom we are by the nature, we do not see this beauty - foreign success causes envy. Envy splits our mind in such a way that we, without understanding what happens to us, direct after all. We aspire there where, maybe, it is not necessary for us also in mention. But, nevertheless, we aspire to have the same that has another, to buy the same that he buys, to love the same that is loved by him.

Imitative ability is peculiar to mind. We imitate is free or involuntarily. If we do not imitate the girlfriend, the friend, then we imitate what is shown on television. If we do not imitate what is shown on a TV screen, then we imitate what was read in the book. We imitate parents, relatives, friends, to everything that impresses us - not subtly to be lost.

It is possible to find itself, having only rejected all imitative, false, having risked to remain with what is to see, realize real and to begin own ascension in itself. But there is a risk to appear out of the social majority, and it is terrible for an ego because an ego socially conformally.

Learning itself, we open own vision and understanding, own look. Perhaps will also not agree with it, will not support, but the understanding of its value and love to this uniform look belonging only to us which is given rise from our depth and opens for us vision of what is therefore it is worth a lot.]