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What is failure? There are no

In life of failure. Is or understanding of what occurs in reality, and never failure happens, or absence of this understanding. The failure can exist only when we in subconsciousness have idea about success.

What the idea is? Once, having looked around itself, we saw that possibilities of other people exceed our opportunities: that is everything that they have, in our opinion, exceeds what we have. From this point we are infected - we are not going to live life because to us others prosperity pricks eyes. Now we will have to involve hatred, envy, rage, anger, desire to discredit others and to begin to cultivate, without understanding that, idea about own success.

The idea about success is an idea about what money we have to have what dresses to wear, where to have a rest, that is how to decorate the life to exceed that step on which we put ourselves as a result of our self-assessment. As soon as this idea is entered into subconsciousness, everything that we have, becomes failure. The enormous gap between our life and our ideas of what it has to be is formed.

The idea of perfectionism and aspiration of a human ego to superiority are encouraged and cultivated in a material world in all ways, by means of ambition, ambitions, envy, rage, anger and hatred in order that the person always was in a pursuit of success. But there is life, and the success exists only in our idea. As soon as we have an idea about success, at once there are a failure and our not success why we begin to reject own life.

But each of us can disclose the uniqueness only under one condition - accepting the life is total, from beginning to end. We become sincerely healthy people when in whatever, appear, a stalemate we were, is realized by us that our life - is accepted. From this point reliable travel to lives begins. If it is not accepted such as is, we leave ourselves further and further, we are anxious with what have to be, and we forget whom we are, and then we do not even remember about to ourselves.

If we are not accepted by ourselves such as is, for us there is only a world of success and failure. And then, what we reached in the success, being at top of material benefits, recognitions, glory and honor of which did not even dream, our subconscious mind which began this competition to the whole world, will look back and look whether outstripped who. If someone outstripped, then it will pierce us with pain, and we will run behind success quicker and quicker. All our life will consist in the one who whom will overtake. We will be struck with rivalry in the heart, and the world in which we compete with all will become our world.

But sooner or later how many the person would not compete with other people, it is obligatory to eat, an extreme step where, looking back, he understands that his investments did not cost the eaten-away egg. For nothing this race did not manage - it is destroyed in itself(himself) and knows it. And having spent so years on the earth, at the end of life of people understands everything. Even if does not understand, then before death to it opens that his life was empty gesture. What we have in reality it is a starting point, and so far it is not accepted, we have no chance to live the life authentically.]