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Why to study economy? Whether

It is worth spending time and to make efforts for studying of economy?

More than half a century back John Maynard Keynes (John Maynard Keynes, 1883 - 1946), one of the most authoritative economists of our century, told the following:

Ideas of economists and political thinkers - and when they are right and when are mistaken - have much bigger value, than it is accepted to think. Actually, exactly they also rule the world. People are practicians who consider themselves absolutely not subject to intellectual influences, usually are slaves to some economist of the past .

The most part of ideologies of the modern world developed considerably under the influence of outstanding economists - Adam Smith (Adam Smith), David Riccardo (David Ricardo), Jon Stewart of Mill (John Stuart Mill), Karl Marx (Karl Marx) and Jonah Maynard of Keynes (John Maynard Keynes). For world leaders to address economists for council and recommendations about questions of economic policy to this day is a commonplace.

For example, the president of the United States constantly uses recommendations of Economic council. The wide range of economic problems which political leaders should face is presented in the annual Economic report of the president.

Unemployment, inflation, economic growth, the taxation, poverty, international trade, health care, environmental pollution, discrimination, immigration, state regulation of the industry and education belong to their number among a great number of others.

Economy on service of civil society.

If we want to be well informed citizens, we should know the bases of the economy. The majority of the current political problems has essential economic aspects:

, It is how important to have the balanced federal budget?

How can provide a financial guarantee to social security system of pensioners?

Why at us keeps big deficiency of the foreign trade balance?

As environmental pollution is the most effective to reduce?

What needs to be made for deduction of inflation under control?

What can be made for stimulation of productivity and economic growth?

whether the existing social security systems effective and reasonable Are?

we Need reform of tax system?

Properly to react to domination in the market of several firms in the separate sectors of economy connected with high technologies?

We can indirectly influence decisions on the matters as voters as decisions are made by the officials chosen by us. But results of our reflections over the electoral list depend on elementary economic knowledge.

A conclusion, and it is absolutely obvious, it is possible to make only - studying of a subject and object of economy very important for us. The knowledge of economic sciences in many respects determines the level and quality of our life therefore to remain indifferent - means to harm itself.

On it allow to take the leave, I leave you alone with the thoughts, previously having wished good luck and good luck!]