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What dance to learn?

Dance are, first of all, attitude. How you feel surrounding space as you perceive flows of information - and as you realize yourself in these streams. Dance is an opportunity to tell by means of a body about what the soul sings.

And that the soul and a body managed to merge most effectively in creative ecstasy and to reach harmony, it is worth defining what you would like to achieve in “ sports “ the plan, and what in “ filosofsko - esthetic “.

The belly dance attracting more and more young ladies, or BELLY DANCE, initially had exclusively practical value. In ancient times in the east of girls taught it to execute since the early childhood. All movements of this dance - gymnastics are directed to strengthening of muscles of a stomach, for the only purpose: to prepare internals of the girl for the subsequent childbirth. Dance indissolubly contacted cults of birth rate and fertilization, women executed it at sacred ceremonies. Gradually belly dance turned into entertainment and extended worldwide. Today in it the styles characteristic of Greece, Turkey, North Africa, India, Persia and nomads - the Gipsy are audible.

Modern belly dance allows to correct a bearing, to learn to masterfully use each muscle of a body, to develop plasticity of hands, to make them stronger, to provide massage of internals. Its indisputable advantage is that it is available to any woman, is not dependent on age, sports preparation and weight category.

If you want to correct a body relief, choose " style; JAZZ “. Let you be not deceived by association with the known musical style. For accompaniment to this dance drums and xylophones because the rhythm is the cornerstone of all African and Afro-the American dancing culture - foundresses of this style are used.

The main thing in jazz dance - to feel a rhythm and to follow the slightest impulse, whether it be the right shoulder or a patella)), to coordinate the movements and to feel at the same time full freedom. Most important - improvisation. This style allows to support in an excellent state practically all muscles. He demands a good extension and endurance.

If your dear asks something more womanly - that style with a promising title of STRIP DANCE - for you. This direction is significant what allows practically any woman to be liberated completely. By the way, during occupations there is a work not only on a body, but also on your spiritual essence.

The dance focused on development of grace and plasticity lets know in itself seduction force. You should not think about “ narrow applicability “ this dance (“ Same only the guy / husband can represent then! “) . Your new found sexuality will be shown literally in each gesture: whether you will reach for a suitcase on the top shelf on the plane or just you will pass down the street.

It is curious to note the interest in national dances which increased recently. Lately there was a set of courses on the FLAMENCO, and it is even more persons interested to visit them. At the most eminent masters halls remind Babel that, nevertheless, does not reduce the derived pleasure.

The flamenco is the whole layer making part of rich Spanish musical culture. It unites in itself(himself) works of the musician (guitarist), singer and dancer. According to some versions the name “ flamenco “ came from the Latin word “ " fire; “flamma“ that quite answers its essence. This dance arose in Andalusia still B.C. Under the influence of the Byzantine religious chant, the Arab traditions and, the Indian Gipsy dancings of a flamenco appeared before us in a modern look. Because in dance such inconsistent movements: both rigid fixing of the case, and soft rockings by hips, and characteristic movements of hands. A flamenco in itself - “ dance of pain “. The person tries to hammer into the earth all that he torments him. Fractions are always executed on halfbent legs that allows to weaken load of a backbone and to avoid a varicosity at further occupations. In addition, such position of a body during dance allows to strengthen muscles of calves, hips and a back. Hands which in a flamenco have to flit gently, like wings of butterflies, and in a second - suddenly kamenno to leave for a back, become strong and plastic. The proud portly type of Carmen is provided to you.

Dance and enjoy life! Give to relatives only bright and incendiary dances! Good luck!