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Why Europeans delete the Soviet heroes from war history?

All of us know that World War II is considered the most bloody world " today; slaughter where the countries often battled not for a victory over the enemy, and for the existence. And all of us know what contribution brought the Soviet Union in a victory over fascism. But what Europeans think of a role of the USSR? Since summer of 1941 before disembarkation in Normandy in 1944 British with shame realized as few their own armed forces do for defeat of Nazism. They were captured by admiration of firmness and heroism of Russians. And to admire was what. But soon the delight of the British workers was a little restrained, they knew that moved Stalin soldiers not only the love to the mother of Russia, but also understanding that, once it trembles in fight, them right there waits for execution by order of own command. The English figure Chris Bellamy in the affirmative declared that such destiny comprehended at least 200000 Red Army men.

He called Zhukov by the real monster who, as well as most of the Russian military leaders, suggested to shoot also the families which were given in captivity to strengthen firmness of soldiers. But allegedly even Moscow considered that it too.

Then Bellamy surely declared that all history with 28 Panfilov`s men is the most real formation of myths! According to the official version of 28 heroes defended the boundary occupied by them in fight with superior forces of the opponent, having destroyed 18 tanks and tens of Germans. But it is utter nonsense, Bellamy declares. Allegedly in 1948 Moscow found out that one of 28 soldiers who received a star of the Hero of the Soviet Union became politsay in the territory occupied by Germans. However the state, in opinion the most informed the Englishman, the huge building of a political propaganda built by him to allow though something too appreciated it to shake. And nobody could know long time about it because the truth - so always happens, it is tried to be hidden in every way more deeply - it was reliably buried in People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs archives.

Bellamy suddenly understood, realized the main reason of a victory of Red Army men - it is almost boundless readiness to endow people who were thrown into fight as gun meat. Here what attentive Englishman - you will conceal nothing!

In 1941 - 42. The red army often lost 15000 soldiers a day. Thus, it compares only approximate week losses of the Soviet army to the same losses English - the Canadian troops during all campaign 1944 - 45 on North - the West of Europe. Only same istorikoved for some reason told nothing about the fact that for Great Britain which was by that moment of one of the largest colonial empires not only British and Canadians, but also Australians and other representatives of its colonies were at war. Even Indians were at war for them. And all the same nazis for some reason needed not enough time to put this empire before line of fast and sudden death.

Bellamy also surely tries to show what necessary help was given in the years of war by America and Britain. In the Soviet Union about the help, he claimed, it was told extremely reluctantly. Stalin was allegedly concerned, first of all, by what America and Britain refused to go to - opening of the second front on North - the West of Europe in 1942 or 1943. According to the estimates of the same Bellamy, English - the American deliveries in 1944 made up to 5% of the resources which were available at the disposal of Russia, and in 1943 - 44 - to 10%. In case these figures will seem to you insignificant, he specifies: perhaps, without this help the Soviet Union could not escape at all.

Yes!!! From what such help we could to survive ? From the spoiled American stewed meat or bags of grain dumped from the planes which are scattered on all earth? Only and it turned out that when on us pyor the German, by the way, by big forces, than to Europe, by the way, with rather numerous divisions of those nedobrochestivy citizens who, having been given in captivity, went over on other party and it is dexterous, with the fascist weapon, went to kill others, nobody was going to help us. Then we also had to rely only on the forces including human. Both prisoners, and even minor criminals because someone should have stood for the country went to the front. Only and us people stood behind military machines without dream and almost food and rest till several days, including, and it will be better to tell in the majority, it were teenagers and women who had to learn to construct tanks, planes and many other things. But then in it there was a need and even it was clear to the teenager that his folder now at the front and except him nobody to rise for the machine.

And everywhere, till last day wars, the Stalin lie triumphed. Even in the well-known picture representing how the Russian sergeant sets up a banner over the Reichstag in April, 1945, Bellamy declared, on a hand at the soldier two hours - each Red Army man in Germany tried to get hours, taking away them from Germans (why taking away? Same not a toy.) . And when it was noticed in Moscow, superfluous hours in the photo retouched. The legend of the Great Patriotic War had to remain spotless - actually, this line, according to Chris, and is continued today by Putin.

Right there Bellamy attracts other impressive massif of sources. He read thousands of reports of People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs. In particular, Bellamy notes, during the Siege of Leningrad which claimed one million lives, 226 people were arrested for a cannibalism. Interestingly, and what the person needs to do if there is nothing to eat more. Well not the linen is! Yes, there were cases when mother having many children endowed the baby at whom chances to survive were very small, for the sake of rescue of other her children. It is called emergency. Only the cities everything are defended the blockade, and the Soviet people showed all the will and strength of mind when usual life is erased from human consciousness and laws of the nature begin to work - only the strongest survives.

Is it worth writing historical books to those who does not understand mentality of the Russian people who turns pale for horror which, however, is easy for causing in vulnerable Westerners, and does not understand why in military years kept a tight rein on the Soviet people. We already got used that today the role of the USSR in World War II is underestimated, and are glad that nevertheless allies do not deny that without Red Army men could not win a victory. But it is not necessary to touch an animal whom in due time all threw, left to the mercy of fate, and not him to judge by what we methods won the most necessary victory!]