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Where soccer and how old is he arose?

are difficult to find so popular game as soccer. Not without reason it is called sport of millions and sport number one in the world.

There is no doubt that the homeland of modern soccer is England though the set of other countries is convinced that they were true ancestors this game, however, carrying in far times absolutely other names. So, in burials of the Egyptian Pharaohs belonging to II - To the III millennium B.C., balls for similar game were found. Chinese played the same period whole three similar to soccer the games - to a dz - a nu, Zhu - chu and tsu - Ju. In Ancient Greece this game was called episkiros, fe - a ninda, garpanon, in Rome - garpas - it is stupid. The ball game   was also very widespread in Japan in the 6th century; - kemar. And it is still not the complete list of applicants for paternity of modern soccer.

But, according to the official version, in England in the middle of the 19th century there were four soccer teams competing among themselves on platforms specially allotted for this purpose. However, often these meetings came to an end with fights and fights as there were no certain rules of the game, and participants could not reach consensus concerning separate conflict situations in the field. And therefore there was a need of acceptance of the standard rules of the game in soccer. In the beginning the Football Association of England was founded. Farther during discussion of rules some coaches of the teams, without having accepted a majority position, left Association created the Union of rugby a bit later.

In 1863 D. Fring presented to the public Svod of football rules which formed the basis of modern game. Since then rules of the game in soccer underwent only minor changes, the principle of game was invariable from those years. In 1871 in England the first tournament, and in a year   took place; - first meeting of the English and Scottish national teams.

By the beginning of the XX century of passion on soccer conquered the whole world. Athletes of all continents were eager to try with each other forces. And on May 21, 1904 at the initiative of French in Paris the decision on formation of the International federation of football associations was made (nowadays - FIFA). And it is logical that Frenchman Robert Gueren became its first president.

In Russia from time immemorial there were ball games similar to soccer too. Played them in bast shoes on ice of the rivers or on market squares the leather ball filled by feathers. One of similar games was called shalygy . V. G. Belinsky wrote that ingenuous severity of his customs, powerful power and wide scope of its feelings » were reflected in games and entertainments of the Russian people;.

On a ball game the Russian people went even more willingly, than to church therefore churchmen first of all called for eradication of national games. In the set of church resolutions of the 16th century it was told that ball games are punished by corporal punishments.

But in vain tsars and kings, churchmen and feudal lords   raged the whole centuries; - soccer was stronger than bans, safely lived and developed, got a modern form and became the Olympic sport. However, on the first Olympic Games it was not let   yet; - only indicative games were held: soccer was presented to the audience in the form of there is nobody an exotic show. Only in 1908 soccer was included in the program of the Olympic Games. And now it is difficult to imagine life and life of any people without football matches.

The emancipated ladies soon were also fond of soccer and began to form the teams. Business reached that in 1921 in the homeland of soccer, in England, female soccer was forbidden. But annoying sportswomen all - achieved removal of this ban especially as the queen of England interceded for them. Moreover, today female soccer is included in the Olympic program and for intensity of emotions in the field concedes by nothing to soccer man`s.

Now soccer is not just passion, hobby, calling, work, policy, money for millions of people. Soccer, first of all is a way of life, it is philosophy if you want. It is only game, but game in which all our life is concluded.