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How to go through the mill and to achieve progress in career?

This article for those who actively seek to professional growth, for those to whom own professional success is important.

Even if you correctly chose a profession and your work is loved and interesting, on the way of career development the set of reefs can meet. Many tests will seem insuperable. To many of them it is worth being ready. Professional growth - the occupation demanding expenses of time and considerable efforts. Progress in career is influenced in many respects by a state and feeling which changes on a certain regularity from year to year. Here about it the speech in this article will also go.

The first test expecting you at the very beginning of a way - test by fire (or test by passion). You got new job or took a new position, you are full of energy, you have a mass of enthusiasm, you intensively study, seek to attract attention the administration and to prove that, you - the best. You look for creative decisions and seek to master all nuances of work as soon as possible. This phase as show supervision, passes quite successfully for you and for your career. However also dangers can trap you!

First of all, it is necessary to remember that any passion comes to an end sooner or later therefore try to remember this state, write out all that awakens in you interest in work, present how you carry by this interest through years - it can help if the passion begins to leave you.

Keen people often lose criticality. From a position of the sober observer estimate all opportunities to burn . Limit yourself where excessive enthusiasm can do harm to your health (hours-long sitting in front of the computer can damage to sight, for example), to image and reputation (you can begin to treat, as the upstart).

With care you submit for discussion of the offer - they can be inappropriate - remember that while you are a beginner, the best for you - to have patience and to absorb in themselves experience.

Attentively control those parties of your work and life which from - for passions you leave in a shadow - plan the " systems; disturbing calls which will be for you signals if you lose sight of something important.

The following trap is test by water . The period of interest and enthusiasm behind, the passion cooled down, borders of possible are investigated. You know the work thoroughly. It became boring for you. The monotony and routine were your main enemies.

To cope with a similar situation, try to remember more often what caused in you interest when you just began to work. It will help to support a positive emotional background.

Ask yourself the question " more often; what else I can learn - interest in development of new tasks helps to support feeling of novelty. For example, it is possible to practise in work with voice or to master new methods of planning.

Begin to train yourself for increase already now. Think what knowledge and abilities are necessary to your chief. What you have to learn to promote on an office ladder. It is possible to pass to the following step, you need to take some very risky step and to change something considerably.

And, the most important, do not give yourself indulgences. The routine and monotony often provoke laziness and unwillingness to do obligatory things. Having once passed the duty, you will be harder and harder to come back to its performance each time.

But the most artful test is covered, as always, ahead. Copper pipes is a test by glory and arrogance. At last you at top. Fanfares of success are capable to make conceited to any. You feel like the master, enjoy public recognition and own professionalism. Danger of this test consists that your development stops, the feeling of omniscience is too attractive and expensive to master space of new experience. In it is that and the main cunning of copper pipes consists. It is very difficult to admit to himself that the arrogance really took control of you in time.

The main recipe for overcoming of this obstacle - to recognize the arrogance and to see that star fever began. Take a position of the internal critic, ask yourself questions of self-development, change!

Attentively listen to feedback - to that as as your colleagues speak to you, quite often they the first notice what happens to you. Perhaps, to you close people will help to see themselves from outside.

If you achieved success in career and became the chief, the arrogance will make you despotic. If you are irritated on subordinates - remember yourself more often in the past. You will be able to understand their state and to make the optimal administrative solution.

And, above all - you remember: the aspiration to new, continuous development and sincere interest will help you to overcome all difficulties.]