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Whether the name influences character of the person? As you believe

whether the name of the person can influence his character? I do not undertake to claim categorically, but there are people considering that the interrelation, certainly, is. And even try to prove the opinion with scientific points of view.

They believe that not the name, but sounds of which it consists is important. The sound is a wave with certain parameters. Impact of waves of different sounds on the person variously, but sounds of which the name consists influence it more often than the others and therefore the effect of their influence becomes noticeable over time.

It is possible to check easily truthfulness of the statement on own experience. These or those sounds in a name influence character of the person as follows.

And. People in whose name there is this sound, should not force to work. Work - their natural requirement. But not imposed from - under sticks and voluntarily chosen.

B. need for thrills Brings in character.

Century measure Seven times - cut off one. It about those who in a name have this sound. Planning follows careful scrupulous realization of conceived.

I do not know why, but usually at character of owners there is a fastidiousness.

What I will not eat, I ponadkusyvat - similar aspirations in character of owners of this sound - not a rarity. The main thing to stake out the rights for something and that with it to do, it is possible to understand then.

E. Gives to character contradictory traits, artlessness and aspiration to the power. Likely therefore their aspiration to direct and dominate, are visible with the naked eye, but often remain unrealized.

. Aesthetes. Their life - as if a performance in which they play roles. Remarks are weighed, the suit is ironed out.

H. Z - z - z - a ring of a circular saw. Saw either people around, or themselves.

Never and take nobody the word. Perfectly know that in this life nothing free happens. Have fine feeling of harmony.

Y. Very much protect own body, are afraid of everything that can do the smallest harm. Any scratch - a noticeable event.

To. Are reserved and mysterious. Even the innocent hobby is surrounded with such mysterious veil as if it is about secret intimacy.

L. Thirst for corporal comfort outweighs all sincere rushes.

Aspiration everything to do m most, everywhere to be in time, everywhere to visit, to try everything.

N are Very selective in warm attachments, are careful in words and acts.

The lake Conservatism of views and adherence to principles hide limitation. About - as if the wall on a circle, does not give a scope to flight of thought and scope of feelings.

The item All life - continuous series of storms all of new and new tops. There is no time to stop and though a little to taste glories as to the hero of the previous ascensions.

be not afraid of river to entrust such person any sum on credit. Will return precisely in time. He will not be able to break the word.

Page Chic, gloss, beauty. Leaves behind unforgettable memoirs.

T. a life Keynote - a constant variety.

Are cunning, are able to hide the true intentions carefully.

Furiously advocate the interests. Barehanded you will not take it.

are Very sympathetic, are always ready to come to the rescue.

C. Cheerful persons and optimists. Always with hope and confidence look forward.

Highway the Cool and stood people.

Z. the heightened sense of justice is inherent in Owners.

AA. Owners and stores. Are thrifty and economical.

BB. commitment, but at the same time excessive romanticism is inherent in Character. On themselves judge also people around that correctly not always.

I. Like to think. Own thoughts bring true pleasure.

Well as, you recognize yourself? Or all this nonsense?]