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What types of receptions exist? Buffet.

That it buffet ? Buffet is an organized free breakfast of many hotels of the world. It is included in the price of that number which you occupy in hotel.

You go down in buffet, restaurant, it can be the fenced part of restaurant, the special room. In the middle of the hall there is a table which can settle down on a wall of this room. On it the different food is spread out: both fruit, and cottage cheese, and juice, and gastronomic snack, and hot dishes under a cover in special flat dishes, and the packaged production in a foil (oil, pastes, jam, honey). And on a separate table or on same - ware and devices.

How it is necessary to work? It is necessary to approach a table with ware, to take a plate, a fork and a knife; to hold all this in the left hand, to approach a table with food and to take several pieces. If you love fish, then it is accepted to begin food with fish. But it is better to take a little. You put, let us assume, two pieces of fish: salty and smoked, one shprotina, mudflows at a separate table, put a plate, devices, a fork at the left the bent part on cloths, a knife - on the right, an edge to a plate put.

Almost in all countries it is accepted on an empty stomach, to drink before a breakfast of a little natural juice. Took a glass, poured to themselves juice.

On a small plateau for bread put a piece of bread, a roll, again put on a table which you occupied for the breakfast. Before a plate put juice, and to the left of a snack plate - a small plateau with bread or a roll.

After that you sat down, drank juice, then took two devices and began to eat. Ate that put to themselves on a plate. Devices after you ate, are put in parallel. In the beginning knife, then fork. The knife an edge is turned to a fork, a fork by concave part - on a plate.

In parallel the put devices - a sign to the waiter that you finished food. The used plate from you or will be taken away by the waiter, or you carry it on a table for dirty ware. Approached a table with food again, took a pure plate, pure devices and again you put food on your taste. It can be a piece of ham, a carbonate, language etc., seasoning is put here.

Remember! Seasoning is put on the right on a plate, and waste and stones from olives, fishes, meat it is necessary, having used a fork, to put carefully on a plate in the top left corner. After that you continue the breakfast. Big pieces are cut on pieces, on one piece pin on a fork - and in a mouth. Ate up. If you want to put still something, maybe, a little bit hot, you can leave devices on a table, on a tissue, rise, take the plate, approach a table and put to yourself in the same plate what is pleasant to you. If you ate something with a large number of sauce - seasonings and a plate became wet, unpleasant, then it needs again - to be put in dirty ware, to approach and take a pure plate, to put that you want, again to sit down at a table and to continue food.

When you finally stopped eating, again put in parallel devices, removed a plate or carried it to dirty ware. The waitress approached you and asked: Coffee, tea? You answered it. After it gives you tea or coffee, speak: Thanks - also you drink. If in that place where you have breakfast, self-service, you have to clean up dirty ware - to carry it to the specially allotted place.

So, we will sum up. What is buffet ?

It is necessary to come, surely to take a plate and two devices, to put a little food, the second, third, as a last resort, fourth time is better to approach, but it is impossible to impose different food on one plate: both fish, and ham, and salad, and more hotly, etc. It is uncivilized, and it causes not only unpleasant associations, but sometimes even laughter. This way it is impossible to act. Try to take uniform food. If you wanted to eat still something, it is necessary to approach a table once again.

It is possible to add the following. Sometimes tourists and even sent after buffet (here everything is free!) take fish, ham, sausage sandwiches, fruit in pockets. It cannot be done. It is ugly! It is possible to take out one orange. It is possible to carry him safely, anywhere not to hide. But to wrap sandwiches, bread, some leftovers in a napkin, to stuff on pockets and bags for evening we do not recommend.

It is also necessary to remember that on buffet it is IMPOSSIBLE to come in sportswear, in sports shoes, in dressing gowns, in shorts, in undershirts! On buffet it is necessary to come in those clothes in which after that you go to work or to walk. And in a house look it is impossible to go on hotel too.

Following these simple rules of etiquette, you will prove to be from the best party.]