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What names were popular in our country in different years?

Fashion on names change as well as on clothes. From time to time in Russia babies that is universal call almost forgotten Frolami and Ustinyami, give them elaborate foreign names like Sabrina or Alfred. In what the reasons of such throwings, and what names are considered the most popular today.

Perhaps, the most ridiculous names received the kids which are given rise later. October revolution. As to you, for example, names Roblen ( Was born to be a Leninist ), Lorierik ( Lenin, October revolution, industrialization, electrification, radiofikation and communism ) or Oyushminalda ( Otto Yulyevich Schmidt on an ice floe )? Well and, of course, where without Dazdraperma ( Long live The First of May ) .

in the middle of 20 - x euphoria from revolution gains ceased years a little and strange names were succeeded by quite usual. Galinami, Ninami, Valentinami, Tamarami began to call girls. And among boys began a thicket to appear Anatoly, Viktora, Borisa, Valentina, Gennady, Evgeny and Leonida. Many parents called

the kids in honor of literary and filmstars. So, for example, in 30 - e years Arkady Gaidar`s book " was published; Timur and his " team;. And during this period a Turkic name Timur - happy atypical for Russians - becomes nearly the most popular in the USSR. And after Timur the Soviet citizens remembered such exotic names as Zhanna, Inga, Lilia, Nellie, Stanislav, Rudolf.

On 40 - e had years peak of popularity of the Russian names Ivan and Maria. Parents called Ivanami of 92 babies from 1000 newborns (in 15 years small Ivanov became almost twice less, and to 70 - m to years the name passes into the category of rare at all - so call only four boys from 1000). And Masha named every third newborn girl.

B 50 - e people addressed years traditional names and were fond of them for 10 years. During this period parents as if having agreed, called newborn boys Aleksandrami, Alekseyami, Andreyami, Dmitriyami, Igoryami or Sergeyami; girls - Elenami, Irinami, Tatyanami, Svetlanami, Natalyami, Marines, Olgami. by

at the beginning of 70 - x at parents the fashion suddenly went to call children on a foreign harmony. During this period in the USSR was born many Eduardov, Aleksov and Alfredov, Among maiden names Eve, Zhanetta, Izolda, Leonella, Magda, Renata enjoyed popularity. Experts explain such updating with internationalization: marriages with foreigners became frequent, the foreign-language lexicon actively got into Russian. In 80 - e years there was a mixture: the Russian and foreign names were fashionable and widespread in identical proportions.

A after an exit at the beginning of 90 - x on the Russian TV screens of the Mexican series very popular became years such names as Maria, Marianna, Roza. And in general foreign female names began to prevail over Russians. In large numbers appeared Snezhana, Zlata, Karina, Margarita, Nellie, Vitlaina, Valeria, Vladilena. And here boys are become simpler to be called, on the contrary: Andreyami, Antonami, Vladimirami, Ivanami, Igoryami, Mikhailami, Nikolayami, Pavlami.

Recently again interest in old Russian names increased. At the beginning of the 21st century of girls even more often call Lyubavami, Praskovyami, Aksinyami, Polinami, Ulyanami, boys - Daniilami, Ignatami, Pro-choruses, Zakharami, Stepanami.]