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How to clear the house?

Several councils from Russian The FAN - ShUY

The most ordinary cleaning in the house is a magikchesky act, the act of clarification which can be proizvokdit daily. General cleaning or rekmont is practically updating of all power field of the apartment.

not always byvakt Magic results of cleaning are noticeable, especially if to be engaged in it mekhanikchesk, without Soul. Therefore it seems to us that in it there is nothing special. However to each hostess znakokmo that very pleasant feeling with what you oglyadyvakt the svezhepribranny apartment. The mood uluchkshatsya as though together with dust and dirt all cares and troubles are washed away. Come to soul peace.

Is already result. And not for nothing clear-out is dated for some big vesennekm to a holiday. Spring - time of updating of the prikroda, and the person including. In Russia long since clear-out time - before a holiday of Easter, an Easter Sunday.

Results of cleaning depend on in what nakstroyeniye to be engaged in it. It is necessary in advance on - to build itself on the fact that now you will make the act of clarification of the house, but not just to put it in order. Then each yours dvizhekny will get a certain undercover sense, you pochuv - stvut it at once. It is necessary to imagine mentally that with each wave of a broom, with everyone dv - a mop zheniye you sweep out and you wash away from svoyekgo houses all that dark, bad and dirty that could - lo and managed to collect in it. Think about light, about joyful, each your touch to things in the apartment has to be kind and tender.

Cannot leave any stuff which you do not use in corners. Exactly there, together with dust and dirt, otritsatelkny energy will gather and stand. Check everything and if you did not use any thing more than a year, you can safely throw out it. If it seems to you that it can do everything - it to be necessary, find such place in a kvarktira where it will be in the public eye. do not leave to

for a long time dirty ware. It is always better to wash it right after use, osobenkno after visit of guests. Any dirt attracts to itself power not purity from space. And on ware besides strangers leave the power mark which can okazatksya any.

the Burst ware needs to be thrown out at once, without being sorry. Any crack or a chip is a radiator of very rigid negative energy. There is even an opinion that through the burst ware wellbeing of the house

After cleaning disappears go to time it the apartment needs to be aired properly. It is very important to keep clean and an order and to air regularly spalknyu. The sleeping person is especially defenseless before any type of power influence.

Such has to be everyday, usual cleaning. If you make cleaning with the accurate purpose to clear the apartment because you feel that in it something dark really collected, nekpriyatno acting on you, it is necessary to add some more actions. be washed up by

After mopping and airing. Then sprinkle the apartment holy water. Moisten with it a face and hands and let`s dry it on skin.

Then light an ordinary candle and bypass with it each room in the apartment, holding it as is mozhkno closer to walls and furniture and without passing an odkny corner. Windows and doors can burning candles be pekrekrestit.

For the night should be lit in each room on a church candle and to repeat it three nights in a row. Nekobyknovenno you have pleasant feeling, zasykpy after such cleaning.

Can be fumigated still the room with a dry branch zvekroboya, a thistle or a heather. Most important - every minute while you zanikmatsya by cleaning, you remember

why you do all this. mentally clean

I " dirt; from the space surrounding you.

of Often one such ritual happens enough completely to clear an apartment biofield. If it helped not at once, all procedure it is possible to pokvtorit two - three times within a month. Long vrekmya after that the apartment will be absolutely pure if only you do not bring " dirt; owing to a ssokra with house or own upadochnicheskokgo moods. Unpleasant guests or people who to the vtayena dislike you can leave

too and as prakvit, and leave behind a negative trace. Therefore after leaving of any guests it is better to wash up floors at once and to air the apartment. After quarrel with house It is desirable to make it too.

of Guests should not be started up in children`s komknata and bedrooms at all. If you have no certain room for reception of guests, then besides mopping after their leaving it is necessary to expiate children and to take a shower.

Remember that purity and an order in the house - guarantee of purity and harmonicas in the energeticheksky space surrounding you. As you influence the kvartikra, clearing it, and she will influence you, helping to concentrate and bring order to sobstvenkny thoughts and feelings.]