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How to fall in love with the work?

Happen cases when you just hate some aspects of the work. You are irritated by the chief, you are angry from - for incompetences of the colleague, you are infuriated by the strict schedule of work. Familiar situations? Then we will think of bringing in the life some changes …

the Most radical exit - to change a job. But not so - that it is simple. Search of new work will occupy rather large number of time, and it is that at you and is not present. You are ready to go on unpaid leave right now and to be engaged in searches? And this with the fact that other work can be even worse as a result. If is not present, then we will offer still options.

You can have patience and wait when the situation is resolved by itself: “ And suddenly the chief will understand who is who, and will dismiss the careless worker “ “ Say that the director " will be replaced soon;... And so until you appear on the sick-list with the diagnosis “ neurasthenia “. It is impossible to exhaust a long time the irritation inside without loss for an organism.

Popular wisdom advises: if you cannot change a situation, change the attitude towards her. And still speak: with hatred to love - one step. Or on the contrary? Generally, if you ญ agree to try ญ to change the relation to work, so you are able to learn to love it. So, we will begin right now:


1. Make “ list of thanks “

it is Enough to h2 to list 20 reasons for which you can be grateful to the work, and your relation to a way to earn a living will change. You cannot remember 20? And how about the fact that you have work you do not work at a frost, you work in ญ the democratic country, you have friends at office, and the salary which you receive allows you to provide a family? Spend time for finding at least several ญ positive sides, by means of self-discipline force themselves to think only of them, and your perception will strongly change.


2. Raise the standards

there is an old English expression: “ The Hand giving collects “ and also: “ Giving, ญ you begin to receive “. If you so hate the work, perhaps, you ญ partially are guilty of it. Perhaps, you do not direct to work all efforts. Council: spend this week one hour for thinking of what three steps you could take to become the best among colleagues. Then make the plan of their embodiment within the next several months. For example: be engaged in the education, improve good relations with colleagues, improve the relation to business, read more and more optimum dispose of the time.


3. Act with enthusiasm

Here the old saying " is right; Pretend to be until itself ญ you believe in it ญ“. Pretend to be as if you love the work. Show more ญ enthusiasm. Behave so as if your work, best in the world. Be gathered ญ determination to apply more diligence and ญ to entirely be given to work. Look what from this will turn out. Believe, the result will not keep itself waiting.


4. Concentrate on devotion

the life Purpose - not to live it aimlessly. Think of people to whom your work helps with their life, how your life and your work serve for the benefit of others. ญ Look at the work as on gift from above. Consider that it is your chance to help other people.

5. Consider the work as the locomotive

of Restriction, ญ imposed on our life, as a rule, are imposed by ourselves. Kindle the gone-out self-confidence! Remember the energy sleeping in you. ญ According to researches, the person during life on average uses only 1/100 of 1% of power of the ญ intelligence. In us so many talents for which only and wait until they are woken doze and will release from prison. Be not afraid to dream. Wonder what you would make if you precisely knew that failure does not threaten you. What would be undertaken if your life was perfect? Consider the work as the locomotive which will bring you there where you want. Be not satisfied with what has already been achieved, give to work the best to be closer and closer to the dream.

6. Use work as “ possibility of growth “

of One of the deepest needs of the person is realization of the internal potential. Those who live life with feeling of a regret are the people knowing that they lack courage to become such what they are capable to become. Consider work as one of growth opportunities. Consider that your workplace is the place intended for your self-improvement.


7. Use “ rule of a boomerang “:

begin to smile to

and to sincerely welcome the colleagues, especially with what you in the tense relations. Try to find in them though something attractive to you and concentrate the attention on these qualities.

Also work to yourself quietly!