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What types of receptions exist? Breakfast, glass of wine and champagne. We Will begin

with the morning. The earliest reception is a breakfast . The breakfast is arranged in twelve or at one o`clock in the afternoon. Duration of this reception - hour, at most one and a half. The breakfast is arranged with seating at a table, in cafe, at restaurant, in well equipped dining room. This type of reception can be arranged also for foreigners. But, as a rule, in the dining room of foreigners do not accept. A dress code for breakfast - business. For breakfast order: two cold appetizers, one hot dish, tea, coffee, fruit, cake, candies. From alcohol it is possible to offer sparkling, dry wine. In purely men`s company it is possible to order a vodka bottle.

Exchange toasts when the main hot dish is eaten and champagne is served. Champagne is served before a dessert.

The following reception is Glass of " champagne; . Reception glass of " champagne; arrange in an hour, in two or at three o`clock in the afternoon. A dress code - business. - costing reception. There can be one chair, several chairs. Tables never happen.

In what specifics of this reception? The waiter carries champagne. The guest, the participant of reception, takes a glass of champagne. To champagne give nutlets, fruit or small tostik on skewers - a banana piece, a piece of a pear or apple, a cheesecake.

What it is necessary to remember here? You took a glass of champagne, took a skewer on which fruit are strung, drink champagne, remove teeth, covering slightly - slightly with lips, fruit (lips, especially women, never remove fruit not to grease lipstick). You drank champagne where to put the used glass? The waiter enters and continues to distribute champagne to persons interested. Remember, please, will be very big violation if you deliver the used glass to a tray to the waiter near the full glasses which are not sorted yet. It is necessary to wait for the waiter with an empty tray or the special cart for dirty ware.

There is an option: if there was only one glass, then the right hand you take the filled glass, and left put the used. But such coincidence happens very seldom, there are always on a tray several glasses. We remind, in this case the used glass on a tray cannot be put.

Following reception Glass of " wine; is an official type of reception too, it is carried out in an hour, to two or at three o`clock in the afternoon, standing. Is called reception in obnos . Waiters enclose the audience with wine, on trays there are glasses with white and red wine, and the audience sorts them.

There is a rule - if serve red wine, then it is necessary to serve red fish, red meat. White wine - white fish, light meat. And all the rest the same as on reception - Glass of " champagne;. A dress code - business.

If to compare these two receptions - Glass of " champagne; and Glass of " wine; we recommend to a thicket to use reception Glass of " champagne;. It is much cheaper. It is important. And from outside it is perceived more beautifully, than reception - Glass of " wine;.

In the following articles you will get acquainted with other types of business receptions.]