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How to help the kid to do homework?

When my son went to the first class, we understood that happy and carefree preschool time behind. Time of responsibility and big academic loads came.

To overcome the difficulties which rose on ours with the son an educational way to me all what I was taught in pedagogical higher education institution to was necessary to remember, to ask all acquaintances and more skilled mothers and to see a set of literature on a school subject. I generalized result of my efforts in this article.

Most likely, all first class you should control performance of homeworks of your kid. Even the most responsible child cannot cope with everything. However it is necessary to consider also that, plaguing you can destroy faith of the kid in yourself and interfere with independence formation.

Therefore define with what tasks the child cannot cope itself rather well, and in every possible way help him with it. Simpler tasks for the child, such as, for example, coloring, leave under a personal responsibility of the child. Gradually reduce time of your participation in occupations.

A widespread problem in performance of homeworks are whims and a carelessness the child. He can cry, spin and think of absolutely foreign things. For the solution of this a problem you can use such councils:

agree In advance with the child in what time you will begin to be engaged, do not postpone at all and you do not transfer this time. The child will be able internally to be prepared for lessons, you will develop at him skill of planning, and also, thanks to the mode, the familiar problem " will be solved by all; to put the child for the lessons .

you Watch that the desktop was pure and on it there were only necessary objects. It disciplines and will perfectly organize unstable children`s attention.

Can use cunning. My son very much likes to watch one animated cartoon. We begin to do homework exactly in 40 minutes prior to its beginning. Then it has a personal motive not to distract and make lessons quickly and diligently (because if it is not diligent - it is necessary to rewrite). Though to some children such way to do the homework hurriedly does not approach - for them better to do homework in the small portions for 15 minutes.

repeat 5 - 6 times during performance of lessons to the child that he is an excellent student and very much tries, 5 - 6 more times - that it does everything quickly and well, and 5 - 6 more times - that it very clever and talented. Self-confidence - the most important factor of success. One and all successful people are people self-assured.

during lessons do not raise the voice. I know, sometimes own child skillfully discomposes, however consequences of shout and any other charges can be literally destructive. The child can lose interest in study or will begin to be afraid of homework that anyway will affect progress.

In the conclusion - several recommendations about development of objects.

To develop beautiful handwriting , Shklyarov`s copy-books very much approach - they are made so that it is just impossible to write ugly.

For the letter use of the handle on which there is a mark supersoft letter or mark the letter under any inclination . Such handles are not really expensive, but help the children beginning to write very and very. All our class writes only with such handles now.

Councils for reading . In order that the child began to read better and quicker, it is the best of all to organize obligatory house reading directly before going to bed - it makes active the relevant centers of a brain which develop more intensively.

In reading there are four main components - understanding read, reading complex combinations of letters, speed of reading and an intoning. For working off of understanding and an intoning use unpretentious children`s books - pictures with the small and primitive text. And for an operating time of speed and readings difficult alphabetic designs - texts from, for example, children`s encyclopedias. Combining these two ways of reading, you are surprised with what speed the child is improved in reading.

Progress in study!]