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How to sweat less?

We begin to sweat soon after the birth. Sweat is caused by emotions, influence of heat or physical efforts, and appears on your face, armpits, palms and soles of legs. On as far as you sweat, your mood, a certain foodstuff and drinks, some drugs and medicines, and even your hormonal levels influences. Besides, some people inherit a tendency to sweat strongly, especially in areas of palms and soles.

Usually temperature of our body is in balance, i.e. heat comes and leaves. However if inflow of heat increases, the balance is broken and to us becomes hot. To restore thermal balance, our body needs to increase the heat sink. It is reached through sweating. Evaporation of sweat cools our body and restores thermal balance.

Almost all people sweat. In most cases for the solution of this problem there are enough usual deodorants - for armpits, for legs, for all body and use of antibacterial soap.

The deodorant is the preparation intended for easing or removal of unpleasant smells. In one deodorants active part - fragrance - interrupts a sweat smell, in others antibacterial components slow down sweat decomposition process, the third temporarily narrow channels of sweat glands. Deodorants contain absorbers of smells (deodorants), the flavoring substances (odorants), bactericides and other components. Each of the substances which are a part of a deodorant carries out specific objectives.

Antimicrobic substances interfere with development of the bacteria causing a sweat smell. The absorbing substances (for example, talc) absorb a sweat smell, and the flavoring components block it. Deodorants do not reduce a potovydeleniye.

Action of a deodorant is usually calculated on 6 - 7 hours therefore at the increased sweating the deodorant does not rescue. Deodorants in aerosol package are convenient in application, do not leave spots on clothes. All means from sweat should be applied only on clean, dry skin.

Some people sweat stronger than others. For them there are deodorants - antiperspirants.

The antibacterial components which are its part regulate sweating. Salts of aluminum and zinc therefore they work so effectively are a part of antiperspirants and can reduce amount of sweat by 40 - 50 percent. Besides active agents, add aloe extract to deodorants, allantoin, hitozan, calendula extracts, etc. All of them possess the softening and anti-inflammatory action.

The antiperspirant is applied on a skin surface. Active components are dissolved in sweat or moisture on a surface.

The dissolved antiperspirant components form gel which significantly reduces the volume of the emitted sweat. Antiperspirants effectively reduce the level of bacteria on skin and therefore prevent an unpleasant smell.

The researches Procter & Gamble showed that use of an antiperspirant in the morning and in the evening, or is only more effective in the evening, than use of an antiperspirant only in the morning.

To minimize risk of irritation of skin, you apply an antiperspirant only on completely dried up skin and completely wash away it in 6 - 8 hours.

If sweating, besides, happens to a strong unpleasant smell, it makes sense to see a doctor. This reaction of an organism can testify to problems with health.

Treatment will be complex and depending on the reason which caused gipergidroz (so on - scientific the increased perspiration is called). Most often apply vitamin B, preparations of bromine, calcium, novocaine, elenium, seduksen, and also routines, atropine; in some cases hydroprocedures (a circular shower, dos Sharco), the mode of the balanced food with liquid restriction, a kurortoterapiya, various knitting and disinfecting wipings, powders are shown (e.g., with urotropin, boric or salicylic acid, talc, a zinc oxide, etc.) .

At more serious problems with sweating the doctor can recommend other ways of treatment, including:


Botulinum toxin (Botox);


antikholinergichesky drugs.

You descend on reception to the doctor if you suddenly began to sweat more usual, or at you occur strong sweating in the evenings and to nights without any reasons. Cold sweat - usually the answer of your body to a serious illness, concern or serious pain. Look for immediate medical care from cold sweat, especially if you have belly-aches and breasts. Also talk to the doctor if you noticed change in a body smell - it can be a sign of certain medical states. by

Useful tips

Choose clothes from natural material. You carry natural fabrics, such as cotton, wool, lyon and silk which allow your skin to breathe. That legs sweated less, put on socks and footwear from the natural materials which are well passing air and not interfering breath of skin.

One of the main reasons for emergence of a smell of sweat: bacteria decompose the stalemate allocations which do not have own smell. Therefore it is necessary to apply a deodorant on a fresh-washed body.

Coffee, hot spices and spices promote the increased sweating therefore it is better to limit their use.

Daily take a contrast shower. Take baths with broth of a sage, oak bark.

You go barefoot more.

As you can see to win against sweat not so difficult. Good luck to you!