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How there was the Orenburg down scarf?

One of legends say that after accession of the Ural territory to Russia the Russian settlers asked local cattle-farmers: And what at you so shaggy goats? also suggested to comb out a goat, having made her it is more beautiful. So goats became brushed, and Russians received valuable Orenburg goat down.

Difficult seriously to treat such legend, knowing professionalism and a practicality of east cattle-farmers. Therefore other legend of emergence of the Orenburg down scarf looks more reliable...

According to this legend the first Russian immigrants who arrived to the Urals were surprised to easy vestments of the Kalmyk and Kazakh Dzhigits jumping on boundless steppes being the Kyrgyz - Kaysatskoy of the Horde. The secret of opposition to severe Ural frosts was unusual: as a lining under the easy clothes they used the scarfs connected from goat down. Scarfs were sewed without any patterns, carrying out only utilitarian function: to keep heat to the owner.

Such approach to knitting of down scarfs changed when the Russian Cossacks who began to apply patterns on down products got down to business. Quickly enough such innovation became more and more widespread, and the Orenburg down scarfs became known already and outside the region. Extraordinary down of the Orenburg goats together with amazing patterns won new admirers.

The real glory to the Orenburg down scarf came in the 19th century. Rural needlewomen began to receive the international awards. Interest in the region increased so that overseas merchants came to the far Russian province behind down of the well-known goats. The foreign companies tried to arrange production in Europe and even to South America. For thousands of kilometers goats were taken away, but the fact that in 2 - 3 after resettlement of a goat the best properties lost was surprising and brought the down a little different from down of ordinary goats. Only the frosty Ural climate was good for the Orenburg goats.

Having despaired to catch the Orenburg goats, foreigners began to buy down from Orenburg. Products were so well-known that one of the English companies which was letting out down scarfs did on them a mark imitation under Orenburg .

In the 20th century of war and the Iron Curtain of Soviet period meant the end of an era of a world fame of the Orenburg region. However it did not mean the end of development of pukhovyazalny trade. Use of down of both the Orenburg, and Volgograd goats became one of innovations. The down of the Volgograd goats well was suitable for knitting of white scarfs that was estimated by local needlewomen.

Foundation of the Orenburg factory of down scarfs became other change. Needlewomen of the well-known pukhovyazalny areas became foremen. Saraktashsky skilled workers by right ranked high at Factory. Use of cars opened ample opportunities for experiments: an opportunity to apply on down products actually any patterns for a short time opened a scope for the imagination. Core of a scarf matched even better, than manually.

Again, as well as in the 19th century, the Orenburg down scarf came under the spotlight, within the USSR this time. To arrive from Orenburg without down scarf began to be considered as disrespect. Leaving for Orenburg steadily received the same task: to bring the well-known product home.

The factory received a large number of letters with the same request, but almost always with regret it was necessary to refuse: The factory was not able to satisfy demand even in the Orenburg region, about other regions the speech could not go. The Orenburg down scarf became luxury.

Changes in a political and economic course of the country at the beginning of 90 - x brought changes to pukhovyazalny trade. Deficiency of the Orenburg products in other areas led to the fact that businessmen began to carry down scarfs to the remote regions of Russia where demand of the population for the Orenburg production was high even during economic recession.

However to speak about development of trade in the last 15 years would be incorrect. Besides the worsened economic situation of trade, the new problem appeared: the fakes which flooded the Russian markets. Real Orenburg down scarf from which in a month there are only x / threads, won the markets far quicker than the real products, spoiling a name to Orenburg. On real products of the Orenburg factory are pasted same presents labels. And it is not necessary to speak about handwork: even in Orenburg it is difficult to distinguish high-quality knitting to the nonspecialist.

Hope of development of trade is sale to other regions and the countries, production continues to amaze. One of such opportunities became the Internet - shops. It is pleasant when there is a confidence that any resident of the country can find the place where he can buy down products which origin does not raise doubts. It the Internet - shop became, in particular, Palantin. ru representing products of the well-known Factory of the Orenburg down scarfs and high-quality Orenburg down scarfs and spider lines of handwork.

What was considered still quite recently as luxury became available all. We hope that at the Orenburg down scarf ahead the big future - the future based on century traditions.]