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How to be a good parent and to grow up successful children? Whether

Exist ideal parents? Possibly, no. Otherwise and children would be ideal, and, as a result, there would be ideal all society.

All of us make mistakes in education of children from time to time - is free or involuntarily. Sometimes casual which later we regret, understanding that definitely it was necessary to arrive in any other manner. Sometimes such that we do not know how to arrive differently, than our parents arrived to us though latently, somewhere at heart, we understand that we use bad or very imperfect decision.

Sometimes our mistakes are insignificant and we forget them, as well as our children forgive them to us. Sometimes there are larger misses. Then hardly it is necessary both parents, and children, and the loop of the troubles generated by these circumstances tries to keep step with that and others for many years.

Not all from us realize or are capable to see the misses. Not everything, having seen, try to correct. Some as though are hypnotized by own infallibility - categorically deny that can be mistaken. Neither this article, nor the offer which you receive at the end of it are not intended for the last, it is obvious - the smallest group of parents.

Most of parents concerns a question - how to grow up the child healthy, clever, successful and at the same time not to break it. However most of parents are not trained in how to reach it. Therefore at education of children parents make series of mistakes therefore quarrels and misunderstandings between parents and children are so usual. Such situation is not natural. It can be avoided completely.

Inability to self-criticism often leads to wrong actions. The one who considers that his own education and education is finished (what is, it is, we will cost also these) - will not be able to become the good tutor. Contrary to the occurring opinion to be engaged in self-improvement, to change itself, to reconsider the positions never late. However understanding that it is necessary to change something - only the first step for ways to success. Further effective methods of how to work in various situations are necessary.

Very important, being engaged in education of the child, not to break his personality. It is important that it could be independent that it had not to be controlled all the time. It is necessary to teach the child to be self-controlled in different life situations. It will be reflected also in his behavior, and on its physical and sincere health.

But whether it is possible to make so that the child performed certain operations, at the same time without using force and not buying it? It is impossible to force the person to do something from - under sticks, without having broken his spirit. But it is possible to create the necessary desire of the child. Desire to keep things in an order, and the room in purity, to help younger, to seniors and peers, desire to study and desire to live in the world and respect with those who surround it.

And about many other things will there be a speech about all these at a seminar which will take place on October 26, 2007 in school of Applied Education Edelweiss . The Adult about children (so the seminar is called) Martin Runov (Sweden) - the father of seven children, the successful businessman, the founder of private school in the country will tell. The g - N Runov will share education methods, and also the life experience and will answer the questions of participants of a seminar concerning relationship in a family, education and education of children.

It is not the first seminar of Martin Runov in Moscow. Its seminars always cause a huge positive response from attendees, in the responses participants usually write that they obtained a lot of almost useful information about everything, as for children and their parents, tutors and teachers.

Education of children has to be pleasure and it can be in pleasure. Interaction with children occupies a considerable part of the life of any parent. Learn how to live and work with children, and let your life will be light and happy!