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How gold treats?

Use of gold as drugs go to depth of times. Ancient doctors could proceed from purely practical supervision over the people contacting to gold. And maybe, moved them desire to treat something expensive, remote. Treated east lords istolchenny jewels!

It is live also now - it is desire to take expensive medicine. More than once I had to hear: The Doctor, prescribe to me the most expensive medicine . Perhaps, by analogy with the Ukrainian saying The ribka Is cheap - the yushka " is nasty;.

Medieval alchemists considered gold as perfection, and other metals - a mistake in the act of creation, and, as we know, used the big efforts to elimination of this mistake. The idea of introduction of gold to medical practice is attributed to Paracelsus who proclaimed that not transformation of metals into gold has to be the chemistry purpose, and preparation of the drugs .

Medicines from gold and its connections tried to apply at many diseases. Them treated venereal diseases, leprosy, to a wolf cub, tuberculosis. All these diseases cause deep destruction of fabrics, and serious hopes were laid on gold as a medical factor.

These attempts were not deprived of reasonable grounds: solutions of salts of gold affect perniciously many pathogenic organisms in very low concentration. Progress of treatment was braked by toxicity of preparations.

Apparently, not without communication with gold severe forms of ekssudativny diathesis with defeat of lymph nodes, eyes, ears were called a scrofula. This term is considered outdated though continue to use it even in special literature - very much it is capacious. A scrofula try to treat gold therefore disputes on ear rings in ears of schoolgirls do not die away.

Passions about it, inflaming, are taken out out of limits of PTA meetings and teachers` meetings on pages of newspapers and TV screens. The Doctor advised - mothers claim. It mostly coincides with desire of the least woman to be more adult (as though to mature ahead of time so remarkably!) .

Similar conflicts are not always clear to me, and the thought constantly flashes that small modest chain, nobody not irritating and only to the visible doctor at medical examination, would be quite enough for the medical purposes - even if a scrofula sits in ears.

Of course, it is possible to assume that the zone which gold influences is not indifferent for result of treatment though it is more probable to think of effect of metal on all organism.

Me, the homeopath who is constantly watching results of microinfluences wants to note, however, that not any diathesis is treated by gold and not it is useful for each child to carry gold things. Of course, not in the plan moral - let parents undertake it. In respect of health.

Gold - substance very effective. At the people sensitive to it, it can cause violation of composition of blood, reaction from kidneys, a liver, to influence mood, growth of teeth, hair.

The modern medicine applies very many preparations which part gold is, and the quantity them steadily increases. Recently most often they are applied at severe forms of polyarthritis. In special literature constantly there is an information speaking for and against use of these preparations. The general opinion is as follows: the medical effect is clearly expressed, but along with it a number of the serious complications interfering treatment is noted.

T. D. Popova Sketches about homeopathy. Notes of the homeopath . Kiev, prod. Naukova Dumka 1988 ]