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What is zero score or the Secret of the superhero of

you Want that you were perceived how confident, strong and fearless person? You want though slightly - slightly to resemble the superhero? It is possible! Become the actor! All of us are partly actors and we play a part. Actors have a special type of an assessment - zero score . It is coolness, tranquility, a stone look, indifference, total absence of emotions.

With the help zero score any superhero lets know that nothing occurred, nothing means to him and touches in any way. Reception zero score actors play any strong personality. Zero score - it is a secret of all superheroes, from Stierlitz to Schwarzenegger and Bodrov - younger.

You saw at these characters though some human emotion expressed during all movie: laughter, smile, grief, anger, indignation, surprise, irritation ? And fear, fright, shyness? There are no emotions at all! If these emotions at them appeared, then it would be not the superhero, but other character any more.

In the fighter Terminator - 2 there is an episode when Schwarzenegger, the player of the robot, moves towards shots of police officers. The chamber close up shows how bullets get into a breast to it and punch clothes, but Arnold with stone a look only slightly shudders from an impulse of a bullet and continues the slow advance.

What the viewer understands? When Terminator, with the person brick will reach there where it goes, to this unfortunate police officers will get at full scale. He is fearless, strong, rather cool. It is played " here; zero score . If Terminator grimaced from hit of bullets, from pain, was frightened, indignant, surprised, laughed, scratched - it would be not the superhero, and the parody to the superman and the fighter any more.

Reception zero score it is possible to use perfectly in difficult life situations. When you do not know how to react - do zero score . Know, at this moment you will look as the confident and strong person. If you were touched, offended, offended and you expressed anger, disappointment or sense of guilt, - means, the offender achieved the objectives - it hooked on you. And here if did not follow the expected reaction, and full coolness followed - you tell these: to me all the same, you are too weak that to touch me .

If you were mistaken before a large number of public what usually arises reaction? Confusion. Apology. Attempt of a justification. Result - you are not perceived as the strong and self-assured person. And if it is not the reservation, and something is more terrible? The fly is undone or tights parted in a foreground? Confusion. Reddening. Shame.

Best of all - to make a zero score to keep advantage in the opinion of other people. You will show these that you are rather strong that you were not touched such with trifles and at once pass to an action stage - for example, quietly clasp a fly or slowly, leave to change tights.

Pay attention to reaction of announcers of television when they are mistaken. They are seen by millions of TV viewers, responsibility on them lies big. They just apologize and continue to keep the program, indifferently. Reaction of the announcer to the mistake tells a lot of things about his experience and professionalism.

How to be trained and develop in itself zero score ? At first take a mirror. Try to face several minutes to yourself without emotions and movements. Begin with small. By all means it will want to scratch a nose, still to make something. Try to look at yourself quietly and without emotions.

You can be trained with other person. Let him try to make laugh you, and you remain in a quiet condition of spirit. Try not to smile on a smile of other person, to answer with indifference an insult. After such training you will notice that you will be able to control the impulsive reactions much more successfully. Externally it will look as confidence and tranquility.

I think that zero score it is simply necessary in many vital circumstances. It will help not only to show the confidence and tranquility, but also it is reasonable to assess a situation.

I hope, you will be helped by my councils! I Wish

good luck, dear reader!