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Why Creation Cycles in a calendar of Maya come to an end 28 - go October, 2011?

for many years researchers and scientists conducted many discussions trying to define exact compliance between the Long Account Maya in their calendar and the Gregorian calendar. The most part of researchers in this area came to the agreement that concerning time across Greenwich the correct start date of the beginning of the Long Account Maya has to correspond to the 3114th year to river. X., that is 4 Agayu (Ahau), 8 Kumka (Cumku), day 584283 according to the Julian calendar. As result of this decision researchers that were engaged in studying of calendars Maya, accepted on December 21, 2012 as an expiration date present 13 baktun a cycle.

I would not like to get into arguments about compliance of time across Greenwich and the Long Account Maiya who (can with a difference in a year, it is no more on the Gregorian calendar) clearly shows cycles of Divine creation in the universe. However there are strong arguments in favor of the statement that the Long Account in itself Maya not absolutely precisely shows cycles of the transforming universe energiya concerning which all processes of Divine creation also happen. What is the steadiest argument in all this theory, so it is a reference point concerning which the Long Account Maya - date of a solar zenith in Izap which takes place on August 12 begins. (Izapa this prehistoric name of a location of a civilization Maya in the southern Mexico where information on application by Indians of the Long Account was for the first time found.)

This day of a solar zenith took place long before application of the Long Account became current Indians. This day was considered as the Saint and day of the beginning of time in that region Izapy. Therefore there are all prerequisites to consider that they solar zenith accepted as initial day of the Long Account Maya, 4 Agayu (Ahau) 8 Kumka (Cumku). Though day of a solar zenith in itself in Izap obviously has nothing in common with the corresponding cycle of Divine creation. (Not to use day of a solar zenith as the beginning of the Long Account would be considered as heresy for obvious reasons. For analogy it is possible to take date of celebration of Christmas which forced out an old holiday of a solstice and which did not change since its introduction, without regard to the fact that with Christ`s birth this date has nothing in common.)

Having adopted simple logic it is possible to see easily that the start date of the Long Account taken in application by people of Izapy Maya became result of the fact that the end of this Account dropped out for December 21, 2012. But it is not that date at which ancient Maya aimed in the exact calculations. Creation cycles that was described Maya, using the Zolkin a calendar are based on their especially spiritual nature, but not material, astronomical. It is the very first and important point to understand for themselves during the work with this information. Therefore any theory meaning that the Long Account Maya was thought up to reflect astronomical phenomena, such as a planet precession Earth or a zenith of the Sun, says that the author of such theory, to put it mildly, is not exact in the calculations. Therefore it has to be obvious, that if a calendar Maya is prophetical which describes the cycles of space energy having the universe nature, specific date in which the sun when was in a zenith, in a certain place Izapy is just completely unacceptable, for us living today, and it has to be considered as result of tradition too strong today that to change it.

There is another, equally weighty on force, the argument why cannot be on December 21, 2012 a true expiration date of the Long Account Maya because this day is 4 Agayu (Ahau) according to Zolkin. As the Long Account is equal to 7200 turns of this calendar, therefore final day of a cycle has to be 13 Agayu, according to a calendar Zolkin who as if comes to an end this day. If we want to find the valid expiration date of cycles of Divine creation, we need to look for day where ok olo 2012 which will correspond to 13 Agayu according to Zolkin of a calendar. Inscriptions in Palenque (the ancient city of a nationality Maya, Mexico) indicate that date 28 - go actually and is October, 2011 13 Agayu according to Zolkin of the account.

All these problems of compliance between cycles of Creation and physical cycles of time were not so important for ancient Maya what they can seem to us today because now cycles of Divine creation vibrate with a frequency of 400 times bigger than then, in those ancient times. Therefore the difference in a year or two meant much less at the time of the Maya, than now, presently. If we are mistaken in calculations only for 420 days, trying to define date of the end 13 Baktun of the Creation cycle, then we will not coincide with a phase of quickly developed Galactic level of development of consciousness of a civilization where for example change of dual space energiya Yan - the Yin occurs each 360 days. Accurately the calendar if it is urged to serve mankind at this stage of its evolution also has to show change of these energiya.

It is important to notice here that those who offer on December 21, 2012 as final date of the Long Account, such as Terens McCann John Jenkins, base all the interpretation of information on a calendar Maya on a certain physical expiration date as if only in it and all sense of the calendar is concluded. From my point of view for us the understanding of process is more important today that leads us to end of Divine creation and acquisition of Space Consciousness. Today`s Galactic process of creation inevitably moves forward by the principle of a roller coaster and for those who would like to understand this process with all its manifestations, exact calibration of the corresponding cycles is extremely important. Now we have all these cycles in the form of a calendar

(see fig. 1).]