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How to remove fatty spots?

Fatty spots have no pronounced borders on material. Their contours are washed away or appear in the form of the beams extended extensively. Fresh fatty spots are always more dark than fabric on which they are formed. The fatty spot is older, the more it brightens and gets an opaque shade. Besides, old fatty spots get deeply into material and appear even on its reverse side. Readily soluble fatty spots turn out from vegetable oils (olive, sunflower), butter, pork fat, wax, etc. Spots from a varnish belong To difficult soluble fatty spots, oil paint, etc. it is easier for

to remove Old spots from oil paint and tar if to soak the polluted site in turpentine and after that to process the corresponding preparation. Fresh fat and oil spots from light fabrics can be removed, at once having strewed the polluted site with chalk powder: chalk is left for 2 - 4 hours, then shaken. If necessary operation is repeated.

If on a collar of outerwear there were greased places, wipe them with the wadded tampon moistened with solution of table salt in 10 - percentage liquid ammonia (5 g of salt on 25 g of liquid ammonia).

Salt and carefully rub bread or blotting paper. It is necessary to replace salt several times until the spot disappears.

Fatty spots can be removed, rubbing gruel from the potato flour which is previously dried on fire, cooled down and mixed with gasoline. Under fabric it is necessary to enclose a fanerka. If a spot big, on a fanerka it is possible to fill potato flour which will absorb excess of gasoline.

Fresh fatty and oil - pitch spots easily are removed solvents like gasoline. However at such way of cleaning around a spot it is often formed aura which disappears only after a dry-cleaner. Old fatty spots wipe with the white soap divorced in gasoline (1:10) and in an hour wash away gasoline. Fresh fatty spots on woolen fabrics can be removed gasoline or liquid ammonia in half with hot water.

It is possible to make and so: to take a half-glass of pure alcohol, to add to it a teaspoon of liquid ammonia and a half-teaspoon of gasoline. Then to impregnate with this mix spots and to allow to dry fabrics.

Fatty spots on cotton fabric moisten with turpentine and through blotting paper iron the warm iron. Structure with impurity of gasoline it is impossible to clean things from jersey on foam rubber.

Spots from vegetable oil, a sprat and other canned food in oil easily are removed kerosene. The spot is wiped with a tampon, then the thing is vystiryvat in warm water with soap.

Also such way is widespread. The spot is strewed with pounded chalk, densely pressed to fabric and left for the night. Then accurately shake chalk and finally clean off it, easily concerning a brush, - the spot disappears.

Spots can be removed with water with vinegar impurity from cod-liver oil.

Strew fatty spots on clothes from dense synthetic materials with potato starch and pound a damp towel. After drying clean off starch a brush. If the spot completely was not gone, repeat operation.

Delete fatty spots on a velvet so. Fill a linen sack with clean dry small warm sand. Tap with a sack a spot until it disappears. If it is not enough, moisten a spot with gasoline and process a sack with sand.

Fresh fatty spots on products can be brought out of wool or silk if to strew a spot with talc, to cover with blotting paper and to iron not really hot iron. It is possible to leave talc till next day. If the spot was not removed, it is necessary to rub it the cotton wool moistened with the purified gasoline. Vatu needs to be changed from time to time. To strew the processed place with talc and to leave on 1 - 2 hour for gasoline absorption. Instead of talc it is possible to use chalk or tooth-powder.

The fresh fatty spot can be removed if to salt it and to rub carefully. It is necessary to replace salt several times until the spot disappears. Instead of salt it is possible to apply flour or pulp of warm bread.

Spots from vegetable oil can be removed kerosene. For this purpose it is necessary to rub carefully the rag moistened in kerosene the soiled place, then to wash a thing in warm water with soap.

Old fatty spots are well cleaned if to cover them with the mix consisting of 1 part of liquid ammonia, 1 part of salt and 3 parts of water then to hang up a thing for airing then to wash in clear water.

Fat spots from carpets can be removed with mix of gasoline and the synthetic washing powder. This mix needs to be rubbed in a spot and to leave at several o`clock, then to wash out hot water. At old spots cleaning needs to be repeated.

Fat spots from upholstered furniture can be removed if to put the clay impregnated with vinegar on a spot.

To remove fat spots from a parquet, it is necessary to strew them with powder of magnesia and after a while sweep away powder.