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Hagar`s exile. For what? Part second.

History of exile of Hagar from Avram`s house not once was an inspiration source for artists of all times. Avram`s wife is infertile, he is 80 years old, her - (Or about that) remains 70 to Sar`s

childless, to inherit property there is nobody. Sara makes the decision: let the successor will be given birth by the slave. It sends to it the servant Hagar Egiptyanka (the granddaughter or even the great-granddaughter of slaves with whom Avram left Egypt). “1. But Sara, Avramov`s wife, did not give birth to him. It had a servant Egiptyanka, a name of Hagar. 2. Also Sara told Avram: here, the Lord concluded my belly not to give birth; enter to my servant: can be, I will have children from it. 3. Also Sara, Avramov`s wife, the servant, Egyptian Hagar took... also gave it to Avram, the husband, in the wife. “ (Life, 16, 1 - 3) incurred Hagar`s

(in those days there were no various tests for infertility, including man`s, and Hagar`s pregnancy was the proof of capacity of Avram). Hagar extremely proud of the fact that it surpassed the madam began to treat haughtily the hostess, than caused her strong discontent. She orders to turn out to the husband the obstinate slave.

“4. It entered to Hagar, and it conceived. Having seen that conceived, she began to despise the madam. 5. Also Sara told Avram: you are guilty of my offense; I sent my servant to a subsoil yours; and it, having seen that it conceived, began to despise me; The Lord let will be judges between me and between you. 6. Avram told Sara: here, your servant in your hands; do with it that it is necessary for you. And Sara began to oppress it, and she escaped from it.“ (Life, 16,4 - 6).

It is the first withdrawal of Hagar from Avram`s house. It was not exile, it was the protest, revolt.

“7. Also the Angel of the Lord at a water source in the desert, at a source on the road to Sura found it. 8. Also told it: Hagar, servant Sarina! from where you came and where you go? She told: I run on behalf of Sara, my madam. 9. The angel of the Lord told it: come back to the madam and obey her. (the Book Life, 16,7 - 9) Hagar`s

returned, gave birth to the son. What occurs between Avram and his women - is not clear. It is possible that it separated from Hagar, perhaps, Sara decided to replace it. The bible says that there was a miracle - Sara becomes pregnant, gives birth to the son! (To Avram - 100 years, to Sara - 90!) Let`s notice that it occurred nearly fourteen years later after the son`s birth at Hagar. There passed some more time - year or two, Sara weaned the son. And here it becomes clear that the son of the servant sneers at Sara`s son.

(Life, 21, 9): “Also saw Sarr that the son Hagar Egiptyanki. To whom she gave birth to Abraham, sneers. 10. Also told Abraham: expel this slave and her son. 14. Abraham got up early in the morning, and took bread and fur of water, and gave Hagar, having put it on a shoulder, and the adolescent, and the old man released it“

In Gabriel Metsyu`s picture Hagar from the house shows the door, Ismail holds it by a hand, and from a window of the second floor parting words are pronounced by Sara.

Hagar leaves. Now forever. As well as for the first time, goes to the desert, to uncertainty. She and the son are exhausted with a heat, Ismail almost unconscious. Hagar in despair leaves it not to see how he dies. And again there is an angel who shows a way to water which announces that at it and her son everything will be good.

In Francesco Coss`s picture the flying angel shows to the running Hagar a way to a source. Ismail under a tree who absolutely grew weak waits for a water drink.

“She went, and got lost in Bathsheba`s desert; 15. also there was no water in fur, and it left the adolescent under one bush 16. also went, sat down in the distance, in distance on one shot from onions. Because she told: I do not want to see death of the adolescent. And she sat down against, both lifted a cry, and cried; 17. also God heard the adolescent`s voice; and the God`s Angel from the sky appealed to Hagar and told it: what there is with you, Hagar? don`t be afraid; God heard the adolescent`s voice from there where it is; 18. get up, lift the adolescent and take him by hand because I will make from it the great people. 19. And God opened eyes it, and she saw kolodez with water, and went, filled fur with water and gave to drink the adolescent. (Life 21:14 - 19)

as a result Ismail became a hunter, Hagar found to it the wife in Egypt. He became the ancestor of all Arabs (as orientalists assure).

As if beyond the scope of history there was one moment very important for the slave Hagar: she received freedom while Avram “released“ (to be exact - expelled) it from the house. And together with it Ismail, her son received freedom.