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True curiosity or For what purpose we are interested? I Remember

in the childhood when we badly ate, the grandmother frightened us by the neighbor from the house opposite. He loved on a balcony for hours to stay. Will sit down hours at 9 in the morning and will stay till the evening. Perhaps old was. Perhaps was ill. From far away it is not visible, and now nobody will tell. And here my granny said that if is we will not become, this uncle will come yes will take away to himself, and we with the brother on a balcony with it will play tricks also all day. Neither in the yard we will not be let by it, nor to mother. I remember, stood gaping with a spoon to a canopy as called a door. I to a window - uncles not to see. Well, everything, thought, the neighbor for me came …

A still the grandmother said that it at work has a special TV which all - everything shows that we get up houses without adults. I do not know what more we were afraid of, the neighbor or TV, but I remember how I will run to it for work in policlinic, eternally on corners eyes I rummage, I look for a TV set. To ask the granny to show it to me it was scared. And suddenly will ask: “For what purpose you are interested? Did what?“

A of present children and should frighten by nothing. The dream of ancestors came true, not for nothing they drove an apple on a saucer in all fairy tales, dreamed of video surveillance. It also appeared. Meanwhile in kindergartens. Already goes to schools. Then, maybe, and in institutes will glance, for work as a trace, and there and to a cemetery nearby (and what? you never know to the person in a coffin it will become uncomfortable).

So we can now round the clock watch children if at work it becomes suddenly boring. In Moscow the social card already works: the child came to school - you SMS - for lunch ate a roll instead of &ndash soup; to you SMS-. Gastroscopy should not be done.

And if secretly to connect the corresponding functions to phones, then control of movement experimental will be total. It is possible to build, count schedules percent of deviations of a way home from norm, then to analyze everything and following the results of to organize extraordinary meeting. Not the person, and Eye of Omniscience of Sauron. Until children do not grow up and to us will not cover “eye“.

I remembered myself in the childhood. I that mother watched me day and night would like? As I drank kvass cold at a stop with girlfriends instead of geography in the winter. As came to school in two skirts, house from below, school from above. At “peysatel“ since the childhood the style in clothes.

Earlier, speak, it was bad, nobody knew anything about the person. Well, so it was even worse &ndash even earlier; women on fires were burned down!

And now and the truth it became heavy to hide the life from others eyes. Itself you will not be burned, so friends will merge. The websites on employment send employers straight to personal pages of applicants in social networks. The person of the summary will send, will come to interview in a dress coat and a tie to “butterfly“, and he also will be told: “We cannot hire you. Because not for long you to us for work ““ pass in butterflies. Here be declared in one truselyakh once and you will begin to spin a web from a chechil. As on that New Year`s Eve which with the friend from Biryulyovo was carried out. Well, when you with it spiders - krestovichka were, remember?“

do not think, I not against technical progress. Safety of the child - business sacred. It is remembered last year of the fellow at us on the way to school the former nurse took away, wanted to revenge parents for dismissal. Loss was found by the evening. Till eight in the evening nobody took an interest where the boy. Neither teacher, nor mammon. Well, chambers did not doze, traced all way of the boy, all 200 kilometers. And considering what from the moment of loss prior to searches of 12 hours passed, it also could reach the Canadian border.

So there is in an apple on a silver platter an undoubted sense. Yes there is only also one “but“ … a chamber to see can make can nothing. There is no soul in it.

And therefore though from legs to the head be covered by equipment, human it will not replace sensitive heart. What sense of the street chambers to lard if it is possible at all on a look to live with brothers - sisters, it is bad to live, ask about the help of all adults in the district, to knock at all doors and to be all the same brutally killed own father - psychopath. Then about it all country will cackle and here from it in the crude earth is only cold to you...

So not chambers should be squandered, and people to impart, enter them into blood special substance or what hormone which in the person is responsible for unindifference. Not without reason in a chamber there is no heart, and in heart of the person of whole four “chambers“...