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Whether it is necessary to follow stereotypes in studying of English?

Border between the truth and delusion happen so indistinct that the concept of the truth ceases to exist. The stereotypes created by request of the market to please of large players begin to take the place of the truth. And only inquisitive mind of the truth lover does not feel sorry for the time and forces to dig the deposits of promotion and garbage heaps piled by market economy, in search of truth.

Being that and having thirty years` experience of communication with English, I consider that I can express the opinion on training in English and I hope that it competently also will help you to avoid mistakes in studying of English caused by stereotypes.

One of them says that the child needs to begin to be trained in English as soon as possible.

Actually, it is necessary to understand a difference in training of children and adults. Children can only absorb knowledge or from real life situations, or in game. Adults can involve the left cerebral hemisphere and apprehend logic of language schematically and consistently that, undoubtedly, is big help in studying of English as foreign in a separation from the natural language environment.

However, both for children and for adults a necessary condition of development of a foreign language is existence of the language environment and a language situation. Only then knowledge begins to turn into skill when use them. And children cannot be deceived - Wednesday and situations has to be real, but not artificial educational. Whether it is necessary to teach children to English? It is necessary! But it is not necessary to wait for really good results of knowledge of English from the children who are in a separation from the real language environment. In a case with children studying of English is game, interesting occupation, development of memory, attention, an outlook, socialization and many other things that comes from communication with the good teacher. But not knowledge of English. No matter, the native speaker or the Russian-speaking teacher, one person is not the language environment. Exception - the institute of a guvernerstvo existing and earlier in imperial Russia. The native speaker which is not knowing the native language of the child and being in continuous communication with it creates both the language environment, and language situations. Then the child absorbs language in the unique natural way.

Other widespread stereotype pushes on searches only of the native speaker for studying of English. But, the native speaker is necessary only for practice of use of English and only if you already mastered language sufficiently and can understand what this carrier tells you. It is always better to learn language with the good Russian-speaking teacher. In our information century it is rather simple to find communication with foreigners in the Internet. In the same place you will find the sea of good authentic language stuff. And here it is more difficult to find the competent teacher of English.

The delusion that English can be learned once and for all is also stereotypic. It is possible only if you constantly use language and automatically support it by it and develop. As soon as you cease to use language or stop learning English, you begin to forget it. Be not surprised if through a floor - years of idle time you find suddenly the arisen brakes at creation of the statement and word already not so easily fly from a tip of your language... It is norm. As British speak: Use it or lose it.

The following stereotype lodged in the heads of lazy wealthy people who consider that having well paid for training, the success is guaranteed. Of course, the good tutor costs expensive, but whatever was abrupt your teacher, on you 80% of responsibility for the end result will lie anyway. English is learned by you, you concentrate attention, you perform different educational tasks, and the good teacher conducts you in the correct way and does this way to the easiest and interesting to you.

Summing up the result, I want to note importance of understanding of studying of language as process which you start for the rest of life. If to you the good mentor on this interesting and long way meets, then it is possible to guarantee safely total success and the sea of pleasure of knowledge of one more most interesting world where speak English.