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From what age it is possible to give to the child cream of wheat?

Milk porridge was the first delicacy which our child saw on the fourth month of life. So it happened that the synula had - to become will bondage astronaut having passed on artificial feeding. Alas, children`s kitchen in our taiga settlement at that time was not trace and.

But there was a genuine rural milk and a semolina. With confidence I can tell that the peanut growing on such products in growth and in intellectual development did not lag behind peers. The son wishes to eat a plateful of favourite porridge also now, unlike the child whom not for all the tea in China you will not force even a spoon to try. Muesli, quick-cooking cereals and other chemistry - it for lovely soul. Accustomed... I about his parents.

But it so - to the word. Recently with surprise learned that the semolina got also in outsiders. The list of the products which are not recommended by physicians was replenished also with such grain. It is asked: for what such disgrace? What accuse of a cereal on which not one generation grew. It appears, kids about one year really are not recommended to give a feeding up in the form of cream of wheat.

And it in spite of the fact that it contains a significant amount of substances, useful to an organism. Physicians explain it with the fact that in such product there is a high content of carbohydrates. At infantile age, the stomach is not ready to digest them yet. And it not the only thing, for what tasty porridge - to a malash sent to a bench.

Second minus - in kernels of this grain there is such substance as the gliadine destroying fibers in a gastrointestinal tract, necessary for our digestion. At the same time it is considered that the organism of the baby is not able to be protected from harmful effect of such substances, at such age negative process proceeds more actively.

One more negative factor - this existence in such grain of phytin which does not allow a small organism to acquire necessary elements, such as iron and vitamin D. Also it is claimed that a semolina enemy calcium. Availability of phosphorus in phytin, connects salts of calcium and blocks access to the last to blood. Cream of wheat deprives of babies of necessary substance therefore children who are given on two - three portions a day quite often get sick with rickets.

The conducted researches allowed physicians to enter a semolina in the list of undesirable grain for baby food. But it does not mean that in a diet of more senior children, as well as adults should not be such product. The taboo concerns only kids about one year. Naturally there is a question: whether it is possible to give such dish after a year and is more senior? As pediatricians speak, at more advanced age cream of wheat can be given, but you should not be fond.

Absolutely to you it is not necessary to limit the preschool child`s diet in such grain as a semolina. In it much it is also plus. This and quite large amount of proteins and other mineral substances. At the same time, it quickly prepares, so all useful elements remain. Besides at such disease as chronic insufficiency of kidneys - the semolina is simply irreplaceable.