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What was above fear of death during V. O of war of 1941 - 1945?

In Belarus hearts of the Russian, Soviet soldiers singed in fights were overflowed with burning hatred to the enemy. Hatred to the enemy became above fear of death for a long time. Our troops went by the wood of pipes of the villages reduced to ashes, by ruins of the cities, by the killed and alive the Belarusian children burned by Germans, corpses tormented, brutally killed by Germans of the Soviet prisoners of war and residents of Belarus, by tears, a grief and poverty who survived. And was not any more in the world of force which was capable to stop the Russian army. Each soldier was ready for a feat.

Mass heroism of the Soviet soldiers came from love for the country and hatred to the vicious enemy whose crimes demanded vengeance, of punishment and called in fight, forward, to Berlin, in a den of the enemy. Hundreds of thousands of tons of bombs, shells, mines, grenades fell upon the enemy, millions of bullets flew towards the receding opponent and revenged, took vengeance on the enemy for our killed children, mothers, wives, for our nice children, for our courageous men, for our fearless soldiers who gave life for the Homeland. For the ruined villages and the cities, for the torments transferred our people the Red Army hammered the enemy, expelling from the native earth.

From walls of Moscow and Stalingrad to walls of Kiev and Minsk our soldiers beat the enemy and could not satisfy the hatred which is breaking off heart because each step on the West opened the new crimes of the European conquerors terrifying the cruelty on our earth. And truly with this destructive hatred to German aggressors even cowards became heroes.

Each order of the Supreme Commander I. V. Stalin on salute in honor of the armies freeing our cities came to an end with words: “Eternal glory to the heroes who fell in fights for freedom and independence of our Homeland! Death to the German aggressors“.

Today seldom remember mass atrocities of representatives of “civilized“ Europe. The younger generation will know nothing about them soon at all and will not drop any teardrop for our fallen fighters, will not remember millions of Soviet people shot, stolen and tortured in Germany. Boys and girls who could become fathers and mothers and to raise beautiful children, enjoying life in the remarkable, mighty, independent country. They died young people with belief that they will be always remembered by the subsequent generations because the fight and the sufferings they saved life of the next generations.

What degree of insanity it is necessary to reach not to understand, to feel gratitude, to forget about a feat and torments of people, the lives presented you life. What meanness certain representatives of our intellectuals should reach to hide from the whole generation a gospel-truth about sacred war. Not only to hide, but also to sling mud at each war hero, having belittled both a personal feat of the hero, and result of mass heroism of the Soviet people.

And only Belarusians at the state level still remember and write the truth about war. The last twenty years showed that Russians, except for a handful of the best representatives of the nation, many of which accepted martyrdom at the White House and Ostankino in 1993, very much changed and in 1991 gave in without a fight to the enemy. What cannot be told, for example, about Serbians. Serbians gave mortal battle to new western Hitlerites, without being considered with any losses. Belarusians did not incline the fair-haired heads before the West too. And God grant to Serbians and Belarusians to survive in this the world, hostile to them, and not to lose the honor and advantage.

During war fascists conducted systematic destruction of the population of Belarus. In the territory of the republic over 260 extermination camps, hundreds of prisons, a ghetto in which hundreds of thousands of prisoners of war and citizens of BSSR were destroyed were created. Both settlements, and the number of the people killed by Germans about these villages and the cities are known. For example, over 200 thousand people died about the village Small Trostenets, 80 thousand in the village of Masyukovshchina, about 88,5 thousand near the railway Forest station, about 60 thousand in Babruysk, 150 thousand near Polotsk, about 100 thousand in Gomel, over 90 thousand in Vitebsk. And there are a lot more cities and villages witnessed fascist atrocities. Belarusians sacredly revere memory of the dead. Russians and Belarusians bravely battled against the enemy, and Germans any atrocities could not break firmness of our people.

A. M. Vasilevsky remembered: “In fights for Orsha the participant of a tank landing of guard private Yu. V. Smirnov was seriously injured and was taken prisoner. We learned about further when we entered the city. Found the young man`s body beaten to a cross in one of blindages. In a blindage the staff documents thrown by fascists and the protocol of interrogation rolled. There were a soldier`s book and the Komsomol ticket of the guardsman Yury Vasilyevich Smirnov. He did not answer one question of the enemy and died as the hero“.

Liberals - revisionists do not tell to younger generation the truth, and inspire that our soldiers and officers during war made the mass of unseemly acts and, say, are unworthy light memory. That the Soviet government all population of the cities freed by the Soviet army moved to Siberia for the reason that this population was under the German occupation. And the earth holds these ochernitel of our great past, both God, and people do not punish them for the killing Russian life slander. And that it is slander there can be no doubts.

My teacher of initial classes Anna Nikolaevna, hundreds of other family and people familiar to me were under the German occupation during war, and none of them not only suffered for it from the Soviet power, but also ever in life none of the authorities talked to them on this subject. Even one fact that the teacher who endured occupation continued to work as the teacher, completely breaks slanderous fabrications of our ill-wishers. I remember, she told how Germans collected and crushed all school desks in a schoolyard.

When our troops entered the freed cities, after them inhabitants came back to the cities. First of all meeting at which liberators military and citizens spoke was arranged. Then people began to work, adjusting peaceful life: adapting the escaped rooms for housing, restoring a water supply system, power supply, communication, bakery, the destroyed enterprises, houses and other objects. And all this was done from the first day of release by not some cities brought it is unknown from where people, and the survived residents of the freed villages and the cities.

In the first days the population received food from funds of the army which released them, and then the cities and villages passed to the state supply. The cities began to make at the restored enterprises industrial, and villages and villages on the earth freed from the enemy agricultural production. And nobody pursued the peace Soviet people restoring the national economy destroyed by war. On the contrary, for labor differences they were awarded, celebrated under ardent speeches of heads and sounds of brass bands.

Not civilians, but the traitors killing during the German occupation of these inhabitants and their children were pursued. These - that traitors are also represented innocently condemned today`s haters of Russia. Hatred to Russia unites them with traitors whom they protect. But it is clear to any normal person that, running away, Germans of very few people from the bandits serving by him took with themselves. Germans threw the vast majority of them in the left cities and villages. By means of residents of the cities and villages of these traitors, traitors of the homeland, the people judged and pronounced sentences according to the law depending on weight of the committed crimes.

The second category of convicts was made by the thieves, robbers, bandits, that is the criminals who were not serving to Germans, but plundering the defenseless people during occupation. Got used during war they, as a rule, did not stop living robbery commission of crimes and in a peace time. Besides they had to be responsible also for those crimes which were committed in relation to residents of the cities and villages and during occupation.

The third category of convicts was made by the German agency which, leaving, Germans left in each city. Together with Germans the agency was left by allies of Germany, and also British, Americans and other countries of the West. These enemy agents were caught too and judged.

It is necessary to tell thanks to the Soviet workers of a narcomat of internal affairs (People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs), to speak well of them. It was not simple to neutralize at all specified categories of criminals in thousands of freed cities and villages in the conditions of war when everything was given by armies, and People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs there were enough neither people, nor means to resist to the ungirdled bandits.

Much of employees of People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs gave the lives in fight against criminals, protecting peaceful life of the Soviet people from internal enemies. Dedication of militiamen, high professionalism of investigators and the help of the population allowed for only a few months, and even weeks, to adjust peaceful life in the freed cities and villages. Workers damned by liberals - revisionists of People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs are the main characters of the movie “The Meeting Place Can Not Be Changed“ Zhiglov and Sharapov.

So on whom our today`s enemies within the country and abroad shed tears? On the murderers and traitors who incurred deserved punishment. What regret for? That the Soviet militia protected residents of the cities and villages freed from invaders from these criminals. Who is damned? Those heroes who did not spare themselves in fight for peaceful life of the Soviet citizens. Quite so.