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Where to send the manuscript of the novel?

So, you rejected all doubts, something there the whispering uncertainty resolutely stood in the corner, and sat down for writing of the novel. Or stories. You already wrote several small bagatelles and learned at first hand that today to the beginning author to publish the collection even of very good stories not simply difficult, and it is almost impossible. No, which - that publishing houses, of course, let out, but … You not Tatyana Tolstaya and even not Prilepin? Then do not risk, and in vain do not spend time for all these nonsenses of small volume - to anything to you frustration and grief. By the way and to contact “thick“ magazines I did not advise you - in my opinion, I pound there nowadays slightly, and here troubles … So, we write the novel!

About what, in what genre? If you are sure of the forces and strongly intend to create something very big and serious, and publishing and reader`s preferences do not concern you at all, then it is one. “To madness of brave we will eat the song!“ If you by all means want to publish written and to take tasty smelling newly-baked small volume in hands, then in this case it is necessary to sit down and to estimate properly what of nowadays demanded genres is closest and interesting to you. Popular wisdom is boundless and says that in water it is worth being put only after good investigation. In literary business there are subtleties, in publishing - the, and it is better to study all these affairs ashore, than then to smear tears on cheeks and to complain of angry editors and nothing the publishers understanding in literature. Ask where it is possible to learn about all this? Naturally, in the Network - there is enough information and on the most popular genres, and on requirements of publishing houses, and on many other. To you, of course, nobody will open all secrets, but the necessary minimum can be learned nevertheless.

So, you decided on a genre, learned what has to be the volume of your novel, and began to write. About the plan of work, a plot, a plot, a prolog, an epilog, an intrigue, the culmination and ties - we will not tell an outcome - all of you studied these features and quite successfully use in your hard work. The computer efficiently rustles, fingers with enthusiasm run on keys, action develops, heroes create the good or dark affairs - extremely fascinating process of creation of a literary masterpiece all right! Not far off and the final after which it will be possible to send the ready manuscript to publishing house. By the way, in what of many? What means “I do not know yet - in some“?! No, dear, so business will not go - we, apparently, were already defined that we will resolve all these issues ashore, but not somewhere where rough waves storm and in terrible clouds is more frightening branchy lightnings sparkle!

Each of solid, respecting themselves and the reader of publishing houses has the specialization. One prefer to publish fairy tales, others - a fantasy, the third specialize in books about a healthy lifestyle and spiritual self-improvement, the fourth manage to print both female romance novels, and detective stories, and textbooks, and old kind classics. And so, you should not send the novel about adventures of modern detectives and bandits to the publishing house publishing books on historical subjects, and fairy tales to offer the magazine preferring to tell about automotive industry novelties. Each serious publishing house on the official site in detail paints that it publishes what requirements it imposes to manuscripts etc. - are not lazy, look, examine! It will allow you to avoid silly mistakes and to save a lot of time - as the, and others … the Manuscript is ready

? I congratulate! Long it was necessary to read and finish? How it, “why“?! In order that the editor sorting drift from tens of manuscripts, your opus will receive will run eyes the first several lines and … Even if you write brilliantly, cleverly and fascinatingly, but are not on friendly terms with a punctuation and spelling, and your text dazzles with typographical errors - slips and other small flaws, then nine times out of ten the editor, most likely, will annoyancely frown and without special doubts will send your masterpiece to a recycle bin. Here that it did not occur, and it is necessary to subtract carefully each page and to correct all defects. Are not sure of the forces? Find the one who will agree to help you - for certain in your environment there will be rather competent and understanding person. Beautifully issued and “blank“ text speaks not only about your professionalism, but also about your respect for the potential reader. And Mister Redaktor will also become the first serious reader of your novel just. So do not afflict him - then, perhaps, and he will please you! However, not at once: at first the Director of Literary Destinies will approvingly nod and will send the manuscript to the reviewer. If the response is positive, then soon you receive short pismetso in which you will see approximately such text: “your novel is accepted“. The letter will be followed, as a rule, also by the contract - a thing, frankly speaking, frankly boring, but, nevertheless, also demanding the most careful and attentive reading.

There will pass several months and if everything develops safely, you receive a parcel with desired author`s copies. There will pass several days, euphoria from the won victory will evaporate and before your eyes the question will inevitably be highlighted: “And what further?“ And further you should think, choose and solve new problems again - but “it already another story altogether“ …