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How will learn to be on friendly terms with the maturing child?

Such question rise in each careful family. The child`s birth it for two loving parents very responsible step. So far this baby quietly snuffles in a bed, believe, it is much less than problems.

So far your kid still small you love him more than, but do not forget that education the child have to be from the first days of life. How it is correct to make it?

Of course, now your child was only born and begins to take the first steps to life in our huge and quite heavy world, already now it needs to impart the correct lines.

The biggest mistake of all mothers and fathers - it not knowledge of a measure! Yes, the measure is the most important part in education of the child: care measure, attention measure, dream measure, measure of feeding and other.

Each mother dreams that her small lump of happiness after the delivery slept with her. It is the biggest mistake. So far the kid small, he quickly gets used that he sleeps not. But, later, when the child will grow up, this hunting poostynt, and young parents will want to have a sleep together, and already not here - that was!

Then there will be an ocean of children`s tears and bad mood of mother and father. And you do not take offense! Accustomed, and receive.

Many young mothers during a growing of the child get the same illness: wrong bearing. In total from the fact that until as the child began to take the first steps, he was often taken on hands. It is very pleasant! And now try to disaccustom, it not so - that is simple.

One more mistake among relatives of the kid - this “licking“ of its personal belongings. For example, the pacifier on walk &ndash fell; mother lifted, licked and gave back to the kid. Parents are adults who have to understand that they, even with the healthiest teeth (though it is a rarity) have a large number in a mouth. You carry them, so also share with the favourite kid. Besides, at adult age of the child, it will not want to you, to lick to it a spoon.

Also separate conversation on a nipple. DO NOT GIVE to the child this muck! NEVER! Think properly why it is necessary? Because to you it was put in maternity hospital? Because she will help less child to shout? Nonsense! With a pacifier there will be more shout. It has a pacifier in a mouth or not, out of need the child will throw out it, and will shout, for example, wants to eat.

For whom this pacifier is necessary? Mostly it is necessary to parents. This their auto-suggestion, the child will be quieter. NO, do not count on tranquility!

Your child needs and to shout, and in the future, to run about, wriggle, povrednichat. So the child shows the character and declares itself.

When your child will become more senior and will begin to ask interesting questions, do not wave away from him. Be distracted for a couple of minutes from the works and accurately give the answer to his questions. So you show to it attention, letting know that it is loved and desired. From you it will be trained in all new and its future aspiration to knowledge depends on you.

During the day do not forget 3 - To be able to ask the 5th summer baby questions: “How there passed your day? What good was today? What learned today? Than this day was remembered?“. So you accustom the child to dialogue from small age, establishing a certain connection between the family to it people.

Having accustomed the child to talk to you, in the future he will tell everything to you about an event in a day. You will have no so many secrets in awkward age.

Try not to shout at the child - it separates the child from you, he will not be able to trust you, to tell the thoughts. You should not spend the nerves and to upset the child. If you shout, then expensive vase will not stick together back. Better to say quietly to the child as strongly you were upset that this thing was very expensive to you and it is necessary to appreciate things.

At a normal explanation for the child of elementary things such a case will be less than shouts, punishment. Also you remember that it is impossible to beat the child categorically. You its example for imitation! Do everything as you want that it did.

And the last, from the very first days of life do not lie for anything to the child! Under no circumstances do not deceive the child. Because the child will begin you to lie too. You will be very upset. And it is not necessary to us.

Love the children at any age! Do not frown a brow for their pranks! Know when to stop in everything! Try to behave at education of the kid.

I wish all a good health and good luck!