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What soap operas to watch since August? “The Blant speaks“, “Public morals“, “Narki“ of

Augustus finish the triumphal procession along our TV screens and submits in the last numbers several enough controversial projects which both the improbable success, and a grandiose failure can expect, but the fact that some of them broke records of ratings of expectation already now - the fact. “Blant tells to

“ (“Blunt Talk“)

Starz Channel in the best traditions presents series “Blan Speaks“ which already in the first episode let know that before us a show extraordinary.

Series counter. At series two powerful counters: Seth Macfarlane and Patrick Stewart. The first acted as the producer and, we hope, applied all the abilities acquired in the course of creation “Griffinov“ and “By third wheel “ in work on the project. The second - the celebrated personality, especially in Great Britain where it was devoted in knights and in officers of the Award of the British Empire. It is known to the wide viewer on a role of professor Ickx in the multiseries project “People Ickx“.

Series plot. Stewart plays the Englishman - the commentator who together with the drunk - the servant moves to live in Los - Andzheles. In the capital of a glamour and show - business of Blant plans to conduct own show in which the hypocrite - the leader will give haughty advice to Americans on the subject of how it is necessary to live correctly.

Walter Blant is the typical “talking head“ broadcasting from the screen clever things with skill though often such leaders do not follow the advice and life is conducted far from that ideal to which try to lead TV viewers. The Blant Speaks project - just from such. In contrast with “talking head“ Blant`s life is spread out so that he will not be prevented by a couple of a wise advice from the one who really knows how to live.

Familiar faces.

In director`s team of the project it is pleasant to b to find Tristram Shapiro who removed “Parks and recreation areas“ and “Brooklyn 9 - 9“. With it in team Bill D`elia, the director of “Lawyers of Boston“ and “How to avoid punishment for murder“.

Among a cast too there are familiar faces - Jackie Weaver (“Mine the guy - the loony“), Phil Abrams (“Friends“) and Daniel Stewart (“Star Trek“).

To look I advise, but it must be kept in mind that the series in style of Starz channel are a total absence of censorship, constraint and careful attitude to feelings of the viewer. However, exactly they are also appreciated it. By the way, the Starz channel is so confident in success of the new project that it ordered two seasons on ten series at once.

“Public morals“

of These series waited (“Public Morals“) long ago, and the TNT DRAMA channel where it starts on August 25, lays great hopes on new show.

Series plot. the Project will tell about everyday life of special police department in New - York under which authority questions of public morals are. And as public morals - the concept which is constantly changing and the professional principles of the experts working in this department change depending on the offered circumstances.

Action happens in the sixties the twentieth century when “hunting for communistic witches“ still continued in America. But at any time and in any society there is a place for the fair hero trusting in high ideals.

Familiar faces. Edward Byorns Shot series, and in a leading role Edward Burns acted. And if you have quite natural question “Who Such Edward Burns?“, then it is worth remembering series “Will and Grace“ and “Handsome“ where it zvezdit for several years.

Besides, are involved in series Neil Makdonaf (“A swagger - mazhor“, “Dissenting opinion“), Fredrik to Lena (“to Survive“), Timothy Hutton (“The French kiss“) and Katrina Bowden (“Brand new“).

Whether it is worth watching this soap opera? Unambiguously yes - to fans of a retro - projects like “Madmen“, all the rest - as will go.

of “Narka“ (“Narcos“)

Netflix laid out on August 28 all ten series of the first season of new French criminal series “Narki“ in the Network.

Series counter. the Events told in series are based on the real facts therefore in okoloserialny circles already christened the new criminal drama Netflix a biopic as her main character is Pablo Escobar, the drug baron from Colombia whose name became a legend and the real icon of underworld.

Pablo Escobar became history of crime as the person who managed to create the real criminal empire, and it moved such denzhishcha that quite could cover the budget of the small country. Influence of the empire of Pablo Escobar extended to many countries of the world. For all that oppressive freight of cruel crimes which are born on herself by Escobar`s identity it is necessary to recognize that it was the ingenious criminal with tremendous organizing abilities.

Familiar faces. these Series were shot in France by the Brazilian director Jose Padilia who snipped off “bear“ at the Berlin festival for the movie “Elite Group“. In the actor`s list it is pleasant to meet a name of Wagner Mour who just and played that legendary Pablo Escobar`s role. Besides, charming Joanna Cristi from “Bad“, Boyd Holbrooke from “Harvey Milk“ and Luis Gusman from “Management of anger“ acted here.

Series are very interesting also dynamic, ruthless to the viewer, absolutely in the spirit of production of Netflix and besides it is removed in a soft retro - style which since start of “Madmen“ got many admirers. The rating of expectation of a premiere just read off scale so it will be very interesting to learn whether it justified the project of expectation of producers.

Here, perhaps, and all August premieres on which we advise to pay attention. But do not switch - we will tell about the serial premieres of September already soon.