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Possibilities of a course of a kubanovedeniye in formation of competence of pupils.

Use of a regional component actually at all times. A modern lesson of a kubanovedeniye are an exit out of limits of a school office, a step for pages of the textbook. Studying of a subject gives the chance to gain a complete impression about geographical, culturological, economic, political features of Krasnodar Krai. Versatile information on the native land not only broadens horizons of pupils, helps to adapt to adulthood, to create active living position and more fully to exercise the civil liberties, the rights and duties.

Kubanovedeniye`s Subject reflects the most important principle of the state educational policy - unity of education and development of ethnocultural features and traditions of the people of the Russian Federation in the conditions of the multinational state.

Analyzing Kubanovedeniye`s program for the 11th class, we understand that the purpose of a subject is formation of the identity of the young man who consciously accepted traditional for Kuban as parts of Russia spiritually - moral values on the basis of complex studying of all main aspects characterizing the native land. A course “Kuban in XX - XX² centuries: history, people and society“ has interdisciplinary character. Not each lesson at school can unite today studying of such objects as biology and social science, economy and ecology. And at kubanovedeniye lessons it can be made. Receiving ready knowledge by school students, independent acquisition of knowledge on the basis of sources, search by pupils of new sources of knowledge with the subsequent their analysis - “trekhurovnevost“ of cognitive activity - forms cognitive interest at any step of education.

Very often at such lessons are used interactive methods, for example “brainstorming“, discussion, work in groups, role-playing games, etc. As a result pupils learn to interact with each other, with group more freely. Various situations, solving which, the gained knowledge learning to apply in new conditions are created. At the organization of small groups passive children are involved in work. pupils gain skill of estimation of the work, comparison with work of people around, t. e expert competences are formed.

Therefore, when studying this course are formed nadpredmetny competences. It is shown in results of fixed and extracurricular activities.

we Will consider the section “Economy of Krasnodar Krai: current state and vectors of development“. He learns to understand geographical specifics of the region that leads to adequate implementation of rules of activity in its environment. The lesson “(On the example of Timashevsky district) helped to see features of economic development of the region not only economic problems and to establish prichinno - investigative communications of economy and natural processes and the phenomena. Pupils competently participate in dialogue, coordinating area problems with present problems.

substantially depends On a constructive solution of the problem of optimization of the biosphere welfare of present and future generations, development of a modern civilization. All mankind is interested in the successful solution of an environmental problem. Lessons of this sort help pupils to accumulate material for successful Unified State Examination on Russian and social science.

Studying of a subject gives the chance to gain a complete impression about geographical, culturological, economic, political features of Krasnodar Krai. Versatile information on the native land not only broadens horizons of pupils, helps to adapt to adulthood, to create active living position and more fully to exercise the civil liberties, the rights and duties.

One of options of a lesson of this section can be the lesson “Kuban - a Pearl of Russia …“ at which the teacher of any area can use the material which is saved up in a kubanovedeniye office on economy of the concrete area.

International relations - one of topical issues in Kuban. This subject is considered in the section “The Social Relations in the Kuban Society“. Children conducted researches and came to a conclusion that in our microsociety of the settlement inhabitants tolerantly treat representatives of not indigenous peoples. With great attention villagers treated immigrants from Ukraine. More than ten children without serious consequences joined collective and with pleasure studied a kubanovedeniye.

the Subject “Youth of Krasnodar Krai as Social Group“ allows to develop personal qualities of pupils pride of the small homeland, aspiration to participate actively in public life of school, the settlement and area. For example, seniors of school participants of the volunteer movement on the programs “Antinarko“, “Veteran“. Skills of participation in these movements help to define reasonably own position in relation to the phenomena of modern life of edge, proceeding from social, culturally - ethical and prirodno - an ecological situation. [1]

Manifestation of active living position allows to be successful when studying many subjects of a course of Kubanovedeniya.

the Subject “Formation of Civil Society“ is integrated with a course of social science and assumes extensive extracurricular activities. Annually at school elections of a school asset which procedure is developed and carried out by seniors are held. They are activists of actions of increase of selective activity of citizens during elections “Bring parents at elections“.

Questioning of pupils of the 11th class showed that they realize importance of the suffrage and consider necessary participation in vote. They understand that the result of vote will help them to exercise the rights and duties.

Studying of a question of the rights and duties is beyond lessons of a kubanovedeniye and social science. Round tables, oral magazines, debating clubs with the invitation of representatives of law enforcement bodies and social protection are carried out.

the Product of this activity become instructions for school students and parents, performances of propaganda teams and scientifically - research works. Zakharova Ioanna`s project “Our rights - our duties“ which author became the finalist regional scientifically - the practical Eureka conference became one of them.

Within studying of the course “Kubanovedeniya“ I conduct tours together with the teacher of biology for acquaintance to environmental problems in the Hot key, on the Black Sea coast, Sochi, in Ekoly - the biological center and the Safari - park of Krasnodar.

of the Olympic Games - an important stage in activity of school students. Every year the number of the pupils wishing to participate in the Olympic Games on a kubanovedeniye increases. My pupils become winners and prize-winners of municipality and reached the final of a regional stage.

allows to use Studying of a course of Kubanovedeniya acquired competence and to fill up the portfolio, participating in the Olympic Games and competitions of regional and federal level. My pupils are full members of MSHAUK, finalists of the regional Olympic Games, a regional competition of Vernadsky V. I., Goretskaya Evgenia in 2014 became the student of the All-Russian competition “Russian Dynasty“.

Thus, this course is urged to solve the major problem: to bring up emotionally - strong-willed, moral qualities of the identity of the child, patriotism, to develop creative abilities, to form esthetic senses, to promote socialization of the pupil during acceptance of humanistic norms of existence by it in habitat.

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1. Kubanovedeniye: program for 10 - 11 classes of educational institutions of edge of Krasnodar Krai [bus sost: V. V. Latkin, I. A. Terskaya, O. A. Hamtsova, etc.] Krasnodar: Prospects of education, page 8