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Interstellar. What is concealed in itself by the Universe?

the Movie “Interstellar“ became cult is the fantasy constructed on true science. Kip Thorn - the physicist - the theorist who advised 9 years directors, screenwriters and actors. He insisted on the main rule - nothing in the movie has to contradict laws of physics and knowledge of the Universe. Purpose of its book “Interstellar. The science off-screen“ - to make science available and to show, our Universe how is delightful. And still to answer questions which remained after viewing of “Interstellar“.

The Universe conceals in itself surprising: time and space are bent as if a sheet of paper, black holes consist of “nothing“, people can use gravitation instead of fuel and, perhaps, to transfer messages to the past. And sometime we will leave Earth for the sake of other planet.

As are bent space and time

Einstein struggled with gravitation riddles five years. At last he was visited by ingenious inspiration. Massive bodies like Earth or black holes can bend time, and this curvature is the reason of gravitation! He and which - understood that else: if massive bodies are capable to bend time, then also the space has to be bent.

On Earth delay of time makes some microseconds a day therefore gravitation forces here moderated. And at a black hole where time almost does not move, gravitation is so huge that even light cannot overcome it. It was succeeded to check it later half a century after Einstein`s opening.

Scientists compared speeds of a current of time in the cellar 22 - a meter tower of Harvard university to the speed of its current at top of the same tower. It turned out that time in the cellar passed on 210 trillionth fractions of a second a day more slowly, than above a tower.

That we will see when we fly up to a black hole

Nobody and never saw how the black hole looks. But astrophysics described its look by means of the equations. If you watched the movie “Interstellar“, then remember that heroes went to a black hole of Gargantyua in search of the planet suitable for life, - the mankind on Earth could not remain. Natural cataclysms, an illness of edible plants and a lack of oxygen doomed people to death.

The black hole bends rays of light, terrible distorting a type of the star sky. This effect is called “a gravitational linzirovaniye“ as it changes the image like a lens (well, or to a curve mirror in the amusement park). The theory of relativity of Einstein unambiguously predicts all properties of black holes, including a gravitational linzirovaniye.

Astronomers have a strong, based on supervision belief that black holes (including also huge black holes like Gargantyua) exist in the Universe. They already observed the gravitational lenses formed let not by black holes, but other objects.

Work of GPS and delay of time

Satellites “slow down“ time before transmitting a signal to your smartphone. You represent? The matter is that GPS works thanks to radio signals from 27 satellites rotating around Earth at the height of 20 000 kilometers. But there time differs from terrestrial!

Usually from Earth from 4 to 12 satellites “are looked through“. Their radio signals report to the smartphone of coordinate of the satellite and time of sending a signal on the basis of what it defines the location. But this way would give a mistake if time of sending signals is transferred to Earth on time of satellites - there time passes on 40 microseconds a day quicker.

Satellites measure time by means of the built-in hours, and then, before a signal transmission on phone, “slow down“ it, adjusting to the speed of terrestrial time.

Evacuation of colonies from Earth

at the beginning of the movie when Cooper for the first time appears on confidential object of NASA, show it the huge cylindrical station constructed to bring thousands of people to other planet. But how to start it in space?

If scientists sometime obtain quantum data from black holes, then will be able to learn how to reduce Earth attraction. If it becomes one thousand times less than normal value - let for only one hour, - that rocket engines will be able to remove huge colonies in space. However, the terrestrial kernel exempted from heavy oppression of the top layers will extend, rearing the Earth`s surface. Until colonies rise in space, everywhere there will pass the most powerful earthquakes and a tsunami, sowing on the planet chaos, - the awful price for Earth.

When gravitation will return to former value, Earth will contract to the usual size that will cause new earthquakes and a tsunami. However the mankind will be rescued.

of Measurement of the Universe and travel to the past

you Remember when Cooper passes through a black hole through tesserakt, it gets to a peculiar elevator through the Universe and it appears in the future. He finds out that it is a bedroom of his daughter Myorf, only unusual - from - for sets of measurements. Pushing out books, he uses gravitation and transfers messages to the past - small Myorf which will grow, will become the scientist and … It seems, it is worth reading the book up to the end to understand in this the moment!

The space of the Universe possesses three axes of coordinates: “top - a bottom“, “the East - the West“ and “the North - the South“. But to have dinner with the girlfriend, it is necessary to agree not only about the meeting place, but also about time. But at the same time time differs from spatial measurements. We can move on the West or on the East - where we will want, there and we will go. However having been by that lunch, we cannot be had suddenly in time back. As if we tried, the only way - to move forward in time, and laws of the theory of relativity guarantee it. But laws of the theory of relativity allow return in time “roundabout maneuver“: to depart to space and to return before own flying away.

To make own small discoveries, to understand how the science works and what knowledge of the Universe, Earth and life it to us bears, is an intellectual pleasure of the highest order.

On materials of the book of Kip of Thorn “Interstellar“.