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Whether it is necessary “to get rid“ in crisis of money?

Perhaps are more correct to spend all the accumulation - not to allow them “to be gone“ and depreciate? In a situation when the ruble becomes cheaper, products rise in price, and salaries decrease, it seems to us that to spend all the money in crisis is the most correct the decision. Whether so it actually?

“Now time when it is necessary to spend all money“, - such phrase I heard in turn in hypermarket. At once it was remembered the well-known phrase: “Even if already your hairdresser advises you to take shares, so time them urgently came to sell“.

Crisis very strongly beats not only our income, but also the heads too! In the sense that our brains “are disconnected“ under the pressure of emotions, an incessant stress, negative expectations and panichesko - decadent moods.

the Calming effect

Psychologists were convinced by

long ago that shopping, i.e. shopping, calms the got naughty nerves, well influences mentality and appetite. We plentifully “jam“ a stress, letting the organism know that there is a lot of food that everything is good. For a long time, at the genetic level, we are afraid to be left without food - and to starve to death. Though the modern person lives in much more best (comfortable) conditions, than medieval kings and princesses.

There is one “but“. Shopping is not able to solve our financial problems. More likely, on the contrary - it only aggravates them, accelerating our falling in a financial chasm. As Ilf and Petrov spoke: “A financial abyss - the deepest of all abysses, in it it is possible to fall all life“.

Spend money for yourself!

We earn with

money that to spend them. However it should study too - how competently to spend the money as it is correct to distribute them according to different items of expenditure.

It is possible to spend money differently. I allocate 7 main directions where, in my opinion, it is necessary to direct the money:

1. Creation of a financial reserve.

It is the so-called “financial pillow“ capable some time to support by money your family (in case of loss of the main source of the income or at emergence of contingencies).

2. Investment of money.

Money has to work and bring us new money. Otherwise we all life will be forced to be “slaves“ to money and the work. For investment use: bank deposits, securities, precious metals, shares in business, rent real estate, currency etc.

Attention ! Complicated financial plans, strategy and investment products are thought up for the purpose of enrichment of their sellers (bankers and financiers). Be simpler, use strategy of monthly averaging.

3. Large acquisitions.

Apartment, car, giving, travel, health, pension savings, etc. of

4. Children.

Education, development of their abilities, good education, etc. of

5. Receiving pleasure from life.

of Entertainment, a hobby, put as a hobby, expenditure of money for the sake of boasting, etc. of

6. Daily household expenses.

activity Maintenance.

7. Training of financial literacy.

It will allow you to create own rules of expenditure of money! Make for yourself certain “payment progress“ - define in what proportion, in what ratio you will distribute the income and accumulation in these seven directions of expenditure of money.

P. S. Limit the access to news portals, programs, transfers, etc. Protect the nerves, and good you learn nothing new from there, only once again for all day will spoil to yourself mood.