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How to put the child to bed by means of games - improvisations?

Final article on skillful management of the child of parents by means of games is devoted to a problem which practically all parents &ndash face, likely; as without nerves and children`s moaning to put the child to bed.

According to family psychologists in order that the child went to bed in time and in time rose without excessive disputes and urgings on in the mornings, it is necessary to accustom to observe him from the very beginning of educational process a day regimen, i.e. to discipline. But to make it as it is possible more softly. And with it you will be helped by games, and also an invention and the imagination, ability of parents to improvise again!

Children easily think out the different reasons on which to them still early to go to bed. You need to be one step away ahead and to provide all possible excuses of your child. For example, if you say to the fidget that he has to go to bed after watches one animated film or will paint one drawing, and has to be, without looking what arrangements from its party to look (to draw) still slightly - slightly differently the child will understand that it is easy to manipulate you.

That process of preparation for a dream gained creative character and became more interesting, give to the child the chance most to choose a pajamas and most to put on it.

Provide it freedom in the choice of a blanket and pillow.

Think up game for departure of the child in a bed (it will accompany his every time when it begins to prepare for a dream), for example, By plane over clouds (ground the child in a bed after small flight on your hands), Through a cave (let the child will creep in the bed under a blanket), The Jump on the Moon (let by means of your support will jump on a bed) etc.

The game « can become a basis for parental improvisation in case of a problem with falling asleep of children; Let`s think up the history . During the fairy tale before going to bed allow your child to squeeze in it the words and offers, it will allow the child to feel that he operates the course of events, but not parents force it. Joint creativity can be begun so: Once upon a time there was _______, by name _____. It was the same growth as ______. Besides it was very much - very much _______ because _______ » wanted;.

And so on.

Help to present to your child that preparation for a dream - this travel by train as a part of which several cars and in each of them are the need and sequence.

For you it is also important to remember: if you read to the child for the night the fairy tale or tell him an interesting story, it is better to put him to bed at once, but not to seat to itself on knees, - lying, he will feel the physical fatigue quicker, than in a sitting position. It is better if it, listening to you, closes eyes, it will help its organism to tell it about fatigue too. To breathe deeply through a nose, and to exhale through a mouth - one more way for the kid quickly to calm down and fall asleep.

Summing up the result, there is a wish to prompt once again to parents that for children each new day and everyone boring, but obligatory, vital process (as every day to wash, put on, clean up that in the room of a thing, to wash hands, to go to bed, etc.) - fight of two desires:

1. To operate the life,

2. To remain your kid.

Therefore to become successful in education, create space of love and freedom around your children, you do not press on them the authority, and by means of game improvisations and understanding motivate them on the necessary and correct behavior.