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“The girl who got stuck in a web“ or what will tell sensational continuation of the well-known trilogy of Stiga Larsson about?

in twenty six countries of the world leave on August 27 continuation of the well-known trilogy of Stiga Larsson “Millennium“! In Russian the book is prepared by Eksmo publishing house and will appear under the name “The Girl Who Got Stuck in a Web“ in Anna Savitskaya`s translation (on - Swedish the novel is called “Det som inte d ö dar oss“ - “What does not kill us“).

Interest in the new edition in the world huge. The rights are already sold to forty three publishing houses, twenty six of which prepared a publication of the book, as well as in Sweden, by August 27.

The trilogy of Stiga Larsson who did not see phenomenal success of the novels (“The girl with a dragon tattoo“ was published in 2005 - a year later after death of the author), was sold out in the world with a circulation about 80 million copies.

Friends, relatives and biographers of the writer who tragicly died in 2004 from heart attack long time could not make the decision on a possibility of the edition of continuation of “Millennium“. Stiga Larsson`s wife is Eva Gabrielsson - insisted that the draft copy of the new novel consisting of two hundred with small pages is unsuitable for the publication. The friend and the writer`s colleague - the journalist Kurdo Baksi - noted that the manuscript could become a basis for “the fine Hollywood movie“, but finish the book, in his opinion, is not necessary, Larsson`s style cannot be repeated.

However, several years later, Eva Gabrielsson agreed to begin work on the fourth part of the trilogy. The known Swedish publishing house Norstedt managed to reach the agreement with Stiga Larsson`s relatives (the father and the brother) and his wife on a possibility of the publication “Millenium 4“. In 2013 the publishing house suggested to write a final version of the new novel to the writer and journalist David Lagerkrantsu. According to the director of publishing house Eva Guedin, Lagerkrants`s task was to write “absolutely independent continuation of books of Stiga Larsson“.

On August 2, 2015 the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter published fragments from D. Lagerkrants`s diary where he tells about how his first conversation with publishers took place:

“August 7, 2013. The director of Norstedts publishing house and Stiga Larsson`s publisher - Eva Guedin reported that she wants to meet secretly me in publishing house. I got there illegally, we met in the cellar to talk about the project. I felt at once: it is serious! When I went outside, I was scolded by a shiver“. One and a half years were required by

to David Lagerkrantsu to write the novel. There passed several months before he dared to let in Lisbet Salander the life. “At the nights without a break I think of Lisbet. To death I am afraid to make its image improbable“, - Lagerkrants in the diary wrote.

And here that the author speaks about the main character of the novel in exclusive interview for Entertainment Weekly: “It is still a riddle, and for me as writer, it is a call to understand it … I just am crazy about it“. by

Norstedts Publishing house took unprecedented security measures if only information on a plot of the new book did not leak out into the press ahead of time. So, the author of the book David Lagerkrants in operating time over the manuscript used the computer which is not connected to the Internet. The text was transferred to the editor in the old manner - from hand to hand and only on paper.

And still in a month with small to the world premiere planned for August 27 details of a plot of the new book became known. Swedish publishers told about it. The destiny parted Lisbet Salander and Mikael Blumkvist, but they will meet again. The Swedish professor Balder - the expert in the field of artificial intelligence with which Lisbet works will become a link. He appeals to Blumkvist to write his history. However Balder is killed, and the journalist undertakes investigation of death of the scientist. Salander, in turn, calculates that behind a crime there is her the worst enemy who already weaved the deadly web to catch in it an ingenious hakersha.

David Lagerkrants was born in 1962, the journalist and the writer, the father of three children, lives in Stockholm. The success in Sweden and the world brought it the novel - the biography about the famous Swedish football player of the Bosnian origin Zlatan Ibrahimovic “I am Zlatan!“ (2011).

In article materials of Norstedts publishing house are used (norstedts. se/) and Dagens Nyheter newspapers (dn. se/)