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Whether literacy on the Internet is necessary? Whether

“Literacy on the Internet“ - a question, apparently, strange is necessary. Of course! And where literacy is not necessary? But we will not hurry with the answer. In virtual life all differently.

You will look at dialogues in posts of forums and you will involuntarily reflect - why? Or the modern generation of the person who is competently expressing thoughts ranks as “nerds“? Similar to the fact that often at texts of the Internet there is a deliberate illiteracy. Of course, it is possible to treat with humour to a greeting “Preved, the medical Veda!“. It is possible. If it is one phrase, one word, one any phrase - still it is possible to hokhotnut.

I do not consider myself super - a puper - the competent person. In the childhood read much and now I like to read literature on various subjects - you want you do not want, but spelling of many words leaves prints on brain bark among other crinkles.

I understand everything - someone somewhere did not study up, and somewhere did not read up, everyone can be … It is not competent in the word, is competent in something another. But why purposely to distort the word? Or this birth of ultramodern Russian? “Preved - hello“, “Vikings - viging (!) “, “a couple - something“, “FAQ - what“ … And we are witnesses something great? And awful …

the Neglect the word is the worst that the nation can have. Language defines us among others. The Cuban speaks differently, than the Spaniard, sometimes does not understand the American the British. Fans fine around the world admire Russian - become engrossed in reading of classics and modern prose writers and poets. Why we, native speakers of Russian, treat it with such neglect? What the sacrament inaccessible to foreigners is? There is a distortion not so of a form as word contents.

For example, word “handsome man“. What associations are caused by this word? Presented? Now we will write “êðàñàâ÷åã“. Whether the same images will arise? I do not think. There is absolutely other number of associations. No, the lexical meaning remains the same, but the distorted word suddenly turns into the word - a synonym.

We will replace the word “author“ with an innovation “àôôòàð“. If at the first word at me corners of lips up, but at the second writing the enraged heart digs a breast: “Who dared to call me so?!“ And that occurred - that? And nothing, is simple “dexterity of letters - and any fraud“!

Badly it or is good - I do not know. Time will tell. The distorted words of virtual communication give rise to nuances, some new vibrations of an emotional condition of the modern person. Its emotional background - cannot be told that became richer, than at the person of a doinetovsky era. It is disputable, but the fact that became other - difficultly not to agree with it. We give to the new phenomena opened by scientists, new names. Why to new emotional states not to generate new verbal covers?

The only thing what we will be able to regret subsequently about that inetovsky words will turn in ordinary “three-accord“ a slovesa. As if the inetovsky young growth did not roll down to Ellochki`s level from “12 chairs“ with the dictionary dictionary in 30 words … Or in one word? “ZAchOt“, “Zachot“, “çà×ÎÒ“, “Zachot“, “ÇÀ÷îò“, “ÇÇÇà÷îò“, “çà÷÷÷îò“, “çà÷îòòò“ …