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Kidalovo and deception of the Russian tourists in Bulgaria

you Watch. Deception and fraud in Sofia. As three times in three hours threw the Russian tourist of

As in a half a day in Sofia the guest of Bulgaria got on deception with currency in an exchanger, met in the tram of controllers who fined it and caught a taxi in which did not turn on the counter and tried to get in on a bubble scheme.

I laughter and sin. What to do and such accidents happen. Probably, just not its day was. I write with the consent of it. All this

occurred within three hours in Sofia. Misfortunes fell down Russo - the tourist, shape of morals which drove home to Moscow from Montenegro the car and stopped at us in Motokhausa - home minihotel in the center of Sofia with a free parking and a breakfast to have a rest for several days. And here in one sunny day our guest of Bulgaria on self-propelled travel on the capital - Sofia solved, having received from us all maps of the city and all necessary instructions on rules of conduct in Sofia and on an arrangement in the city - what to look at, where beer to enjoy and other necessity to the free rider on shank`s mare in the center of the Big City. In total it seems understood and left to the city. Independently.

That then told and is ridiculous and sad. But our guest did not lose mood and rather positively apprehended all. Long then we laughed, fried on a barbecue fish, beer flew in Motokhausa and music worthy sounded. All was good.

The first - an exchanger - as threw - classically.

Several forms of deception and a kidalov of tourists are in exchange offices. It is possible by the way independently in Bulgaria to open mupnkt currency exchange and to earn from it. Favorable business. And here also with deception exchangers are. And where - in the center of Sofia in Maria Louise Boulevard from Tsentralni Hali towards ZhP of a gar. About Knight Flayt of a chalgaklub.

Threw classically. In the beginning changed euro on Leva a little - without problems gave the check and Leva, and then began to change euro for tourist`s liras, it is a lot of and here it was parted by choreographers. One indignant Bulgarian entered an exchanger, the worker of POV quickly put tourist`s liras to our tourist and ran out because of the glass to swear at the entered Bulgarian. Also they pushed out ours a grief of the buyer on the street (from the place of transaction). Our poor fellow considers - and there are not enough 150 tourist`s liras. He to understand - it was sent. Did not decide to call the police.

Count money without departing from cash desk and do not pay attention to theatrical performances. Though it is difficult to make it in Bulgaria. The country - full theater. Gipsy theater. Next time about Roma I will tell.

The second - the tram - as threw - the fool.

was Told me by mother - buy the ticket in transport always. Not to save on it. Also it took root at me. Still without ticket I do not go. It can be strange. I know thrill-seekers who for all life never paid for travel in public transport and it turned out at them and it turns out. And it is impossible to someone and there is an intellectual conversation with conductors. The conductor is as a dog in salon - look for hares. For them a hare - the income. If the shaky free rider gets conductors from him will shake out soul and if firm and conductors ogrest of pipily can on a tabloid. Such is life of controllers and hares. In the different countries.

A at our guest who ran into controllers in the tram number 10 in Sofia a unique situation. Bought the ticket from the driver and did not punch it, did not make holes. Controllers came, it with advantage shows the bought ticket, and controllers his successful fellow and psychological pressure carried out active, from two parties sobakopodobny sisyasty ladies of unclear age seized the poor Russian - the foreigner in Bulgaria and cadged from it 20 Leva. And the ticket was given. Morals - you will not save

on matches. Buy tickets in public transport if you do not wish to be despised from controllers - road dogs.

The third - taxi - as threw - a classic method of the taxi driver.

About that as are thrown by taxi drivers of the passengers I already wrote here in this post - “Taxi drivers in hunting behind your money“. Read - an interesting article. Vital. I carried out the instruction for the guest - as well as how to use a taxi. But probably again all know everything and he sat down in the evening on Rakovski Street and went to Motokhaus at night there to go 3 Leva at most, even on a night tariff. There arrived a guest, and the counter is not switched on and the taxi driver began to press it, demanding 10 Leva for journey. The guest left and called me to understand. Well there were tattooed and shaggy mechanics here and intelligibly explained to the taxi driver that he, in principle is wrong and that it should be content with the sum in 4 Leva and to go from our Motokhaus. What it implicitly executed. This way with taxi drivers impudent it is necessary to act, and that was absolutely grown insolent by them in the country of vechnokrasny tomatoes as Roma - braziers became. The guest calmed down a little and told us behind beer of all the day misadventures - a meeting with controllers and conversation in point of a currency exchange.

What to tell - be vigilant, guests - tourists - travelers.

you, outside the homeland - a target for any swindlers who in the arsenal have one hundred ways of withdrawal at you and money and values. Listen to advice which to you people, long ago in the country living give.

The country of Bulgaria is good.