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Why and how I published the memoirs? In the wake of Alexander Terentyev`s article.

Read article in our magazine “About what are silent published at own expense? On a note to the beginning authors“ - (of August 27), also decided to share the experience editions of the book. It is not the novel, not the story for laymen, but the family chronicle of the XX century, memoirs. In an electronic format it is already read long ago also by many. But not all from my numerous relatives and friends use the computer, some do not like to read from the screen, preferring the normal book.

I will not open anything new, having told that family stories, memoirs write many because - “Told - disappears, written - remains.“ I took this Latin proverb an epigraph to our book. As a matter of fact, it is two books - memoirs of my husband who died 18 years ago and my, written to the period of 2004 - 2006.

to Describe life of our family I first inclined the husband, Pavel Andreevich, the sea captain when he for a number of reasons was out of work, without the favourite sea and work. Due to the collapse of the USSR we moved from Klaipeda to St. Petersburg, and here he did not know, than to occupy itself, besides constantly was ill. Years those were the most difficult and in general for Russia and for most of the ordinary population. And though the husband managed to get a job the security guard in cooperative garages - watch days through three, the rest of the time he suffered without lack of some absorbing occupation. Smoked much, displayed infinite solitaires - the word, toiled.

Persuaded the husband to be engaged in creativity - to write history of his life in the form of memoirs, let not for general public, but at least for grandsons and great-grandsons. The idea was pleasant though he never wrote not that books, but even notes to newspapers. His kept letters home from the seas helped. They were bright, detailed, and I thought that, perhaps, the book will turn out too. At first Pavel handwrote, then we presented him the Lyubava typewriter, and he began to reprint all over again, introducing some amendments. Despite an illness and constant pains, he showed enviable stubbornness in work on the book, he wanted that children, grandsons, and in the future and great-grandsons, learned more about our life, it was not similar to modern at all. He made the last records in the middle of July, 1997, in a month with small before death.

to put in order written by the husband, me was necessary to master the computer, and later by means of the grandson we printed several copies on the printer, added the photo, issued in the form of the small magazine. Close relatives and friends accepted the book with delight, and to me was thought that it is necessary to continue the “literary“ business begun by Pavel, to describe history of the family tree, the childhood etc. - the word as it will turn out, the main thing - to begin.

My old diaries which I kept, however, not constantly very much helped with work on the book, a lot of things from “personal archive“ remained: old notebooks, letters, photos with the indication of date of a picture. Ancient documents of parents were useful: service records, father`s Red Army book, prize papers, etc. Work on the book took about two years. I, of course, did not even dream to print memoirs in the typographical way. Having united mine and memoirs of the husband, printed them with the grandson, carried in a binding workshop and issued in the fourth format 4 copies for the closest relatives as a gift. But persons interested to receive and read the book appeared much more.

Thank you that our best friend - the Internet with its unlimited opportunities came to the rescue. There was a website Prose. ru (proza. ru/) where I published this book.

it would be possible and to calm down on it. But, as the author of above-mentioned article Alexander Terentyev &ndash writes; “... practically each of the people writing dreams to publish the book“. About any fees I, naturally did not dream, and decided to publish the book in firm cover only for relatives and friends with small circulation.

Looked for, watched different publishing houses and private printing houses on the Internet, was interested in quotations, wrote, I was answered. Now it is not necessary to run on the city, everything can be learned without departing from the computer. The dispersion of the prices considerable, depends on a format, quality of paper, existence of illustrations, the number of pages, volume of circulation, a type of a cover, a broshyurovka (glue or proshivny), etc. In some printing houses it is possible to hand over the text on the USB stick in a vordovsky format, all preparatory work will be made by editors for a considerable payment - registration, updates, the model. The husband of my friend quite so gave the memoirs to publishing house of Polytechnical institute. A separate fee in publishing houses is charged for registration of the output data of the book - ISBN,UDK,BBK and a stroke of codes. Other printing houses ask to provide material on the USB stick in the PDF format. I have the senior grandson the programmer, the programmer, he helped with preparation for the edition of the book - transferred the text from a Word to PDF, together issued the model and a cover. The book turned out big, 565 pages of the text. Circulation - 30 copies. As I decided not to take for a ride the output data, the book to me was published quickly, in one and a half weeks. Quality and the price suited me. And now I give to the friends the full book. I hope that grandsons, and then and great-grandsons not only mine, but also my sisters and the brother will read about our life in the XX century too.