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Man in great demand?

Performance “ Man in great demand “. GENRE: Comedy

DIRECTOR: Alexander Gorban

Comedy - the genre is eternal because the world needs balance: the more the tragedy, the more needs the comedy as an easy genre. To show the light attitude to the tragedy. To “ to counterbalances “ belong as well absurdity, primitive art and different simvolichesey interpretations of a deystviteltnost. Comedies are, more than ever, demanded, visited and clear today. “ Man in great demand “ - the bright representative of an easy genre who is miksty comedies, absurdity and the drama, possessing deep implication: near drama events there is always a place for the farce. Near the conflict the parody is checked. Near a problem look for its decision. Especially, if to look narrowly at a problem with irony, with philosophy and mind - “ everything will pass, and it too “.

A performance about banal everyday history. Maria finds the wealthy man capable to support her. But in round after Paris it becomes clear that Anton is married. That it is effective to revenge Anton, Maria decides to tell him to the wife about everything that between them was. All courses of women in similar situations are counted, endured in life and theater. Therefore creators of a performance risked to show to the viewer the next comedy and melodramatic cliche. But performance “ rescued “ “ not actors “. Except the performer of a role Maria Maria Gorban, other participants of a performance it is from other genre. Anton Lirnik in a performance debuted as the actor, it is well-known as the resident of Comedy Club. Sergey Pisarenko and Evgeny Nikishin participants of club cheerful and resourceful which outgrew club long ago, became professional KVN players and were issued in talented actor`s blows. They made it not from - for vain ambitions. Just they had the viewer that means only one - again wait for them on a scene and the screen. The performance is not burdened with theatrical canons. But, at the same time, it is filled with kvnsky ease and live dialogues. “ Live “ not in sense of advances with the viewer, and in sense of available, clever, sincere, self-ironic retelling of the history. As sketches in Comedy club and KVN &ndash look; directly, ridiculously and with implication. It seems, and the parody, but taken from life. It seems and comedy. But without claims for classics. It seems and scenario - but full of the thoughtless drama. It seems and intrigue but clear from the very beginning. The grotesque of provisions, comic situations, emotional captures overflow a performance and do not allow to go in cycles in thought that the performance reminds a skit. Reminds therefore looks easily, obeys with interest, it is remembered with pleasure. And time spent on a performance is not felt sorry. Nobody ever regretted about what was easy, ridiculous and ironic. Especially as transitional estrabottom - the theatrical genre exists long ago, is demanded and has the viewer. And the comedy and even less so, has the right to be in all manifestations, especially executed talented, unpredictable (the genre allows such to be) and the performers met with delight. Nobody is born actors. And life as it is, is originally declared not as game. It only then “ game “ it appears. Therefore “ Man in great demand “ - the performance is worthy interest and time. Actually, as well as our life, which not game at all.

In roles: Maria Gorban.

Anton Lirnik (A duet of Chekhov. Comedy Club) - a debut in theater, the resident of Comedy Club Sergey Pisarenko and Evgeny Nikishin (KVN. “The district city“).