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Whether it is necessary to fight against children`s greed? Parental fears of

Met somehow on the Internet of video on which the baby touchingly said that she is a greedy person. The charming child on all arrangements is that she at all not such, and opposite, good, persistently went on the: “I am a greedy person“. Sounded ridiculously. Whether there was it a performance - difficult to tell. It did not seem to me.

The main thing - not in it, and that the little girl proved the correct position, having disproved my fixed idea that children have to share, and to be greedy - it is bad. I was not right. The modern psychology approves the absolutely return: children`s greed - it rather is even good.

Two years - surprising time for the child: it was lucky those parents who in vanity of vanities nevertheless could seize the opportunities of formation of the little person. Certainly, did not pass by and emergence of the first signals own “I“. Wash, washing, mine - I think that many fathers and mothers met such statements. “I“ am, perhaps, the most sure sign of the beginning of children`s independence.

After two years the kid begins to speak about himself not in the third party, and personally from himself: whether it be feeding, clothing or games. Process of formation of the personality inevitably is followed by “scandals“ for the territory to which it is possible to carry everything that is related to the owner of these things: clothes, toys, ware, books.

Often aggressive reaction to any infringement of its small world causes sense of shame in adults. “The child literally changes in the eyes, earlier itself gave the“. Further events are familiar to all who, as well as I, carried out educational process, trying to explain to the child: as it is bad - to be the egoist.

What to hide, being approved in the correctness, many proceed from the adult level of consciousness. What delusion! It is unreal in one and a half - two years to understand that such nobility, generosity and benevolence. What at adults is considered greed for our krokhotula - manifestation of the personality. When suggest to give another its objects, small perceives such steps as the tragedy of universal scale.

And no wonder - it is enough to present on the place of children of their parents. It will be pleasant to which of them when the stranger uses the brand new tablet or will ask to put on family jewelry for the evening? Besides, it is necessary also to believe that it will be only for a while - “will play and will give“. For small its favourite toy - a great value, than for the father - new gadgets, and for mother - a ring with diamond.

As psychologists consider, the senior generation calls protection of personal interests and establishment of necessary borders “greed and egoism“, disregarding that it is dangerous by emergence further of an inferiority complex. No, of course, it can and be forced as speak, “breaking through a knee“, to share with others, but at heart the kid will be against.

Besides, it is also fraught with impossibility at the right time to tell the word “no“ when he matures. According to experts that there were no excesses, the father or mother, grandmothers and grandfathers need to be during such period on the party of the child. It is recommended not to take on walk that to it it is expensive and than he is not ready to endow still not to provoke the conflicts.

Or and to tell juvenile “posyagatel“ that “it is his machine, and so far he is not ready to give it“. And the son or the daughter need to explain such concept as “stranger“, “others“ that also did not take without demand.

You should not be afraid that children will get stuck in a stage of children`s “greed“ for a long time. Will become more senior, and there will come time when it is more interesting to it to play joint games. Then the desire to share to remain in the company of children, but not to stand aside will come.