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It in actors would go. Let he will be taught! Or - and whether it is worth going there?

at the time of the USSR were extremely difficult to break through in actors. Venerable though on age young actors of those times did not consider for nasty taste in interview to tell all how they addressed a selection committee whether GITIS, whether Pikes whether still what institute. And - as they were selected from a huge number same as they. dreaming to become well-known.

You should not even discuss that from all this motley weight. the country going every year to all actor`s UNIVERSITIES. and it is thousands and thousands of people, will become known one - two. Well, if year very much star it appeared - that ten people will become well-known.

All others... Or will it is unknown to drudge with theaters on « level roles; To eat it is given or will be engaged in life in something to others. Why, it is asked, so many years of life on unnecessary were to kill with it?

But here - someone from them became well-known. The talent and luck and acquaintances were combined in one place also.

Shukshin. Tabakov, Yevstigneyev, Ivan Krasko... As! You do not know Ivan Krasko? Well, not Andrey, Ivan. And - and - and - You not from St. Petersburg. Andrey - one of Ivan`s sons. From first marriage.

Ivan Krasko - actor`s legend of St. Petersburg. One of the leading actors of theater of Komissarzhevskaya, it is very strong besides it was engaged both at the Leningrad TV and on radio. Why on Leningrad? So it was in 70 - 80th years of the last century. To me then has the luck to look in Komissarzhevke We Play Strindberg Durrenmatt. He was celebrated then - not 50, not 60 years to it were.

Ah, what powerful actor - Ivan Krasko. And in the trilogy about tsars in the same theater it - well just shone together with Stanislav Landgraff.

Ah what honest citizen was Arkady Raikin! Both person and citizen. And what actor!


... Tabakov!

... Yevstigneyev!


... and nest to them numbers - both person and to actors... And all of them, when a gray hair in a beard, and a demon in an edge - desert old families, old wives, old children and get correct, young. And then - still... and still...

And then, accurately trained voice, with the verified accents explain the... not man`s... behavior. Also leaves that well nobody is guilty that this happiness big to them privalit - love to very young and on all of the concordant. For the sake of an opportunity to poblistat in society the reflected light of the famous husband.

Well. Indulged a demon. And now? Now - when to it well for 80, if not under 90, and to it slightly for 30? Yes with the child from this very young. Yes with children both from first marriage and from second marriage...

I am far from glamourous society, but in my opinion, it - trouble. And melancholy. The melancholy is green.

... and to them - anything. Turn in the company of young people, beautiful and on all of concordants and are thrilled. Neither you normal love, nor you relationship with the most person close to you in the world, with your half, before God and people, in an illness and health, in grief and pleasure, in poverty and wealth until the death separates...

Not to know it. in my opinion - trouble. And from them - like water off a duck`s back! Poor. And why got into this dirt - did not know that &ndash dirt; it is dirty?